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Mass Tort FAQ Video Format

Our frequently asked question videos are search optimized to find clients not only on your website, but also in the searches. These are the most powerful video format online for getting new cases. Frequently asked question videos are also used as pre-roll video marketing on YouTube for geographically specific targeted group.

As legal professionals and lead by a team of researchers, legal secretaries & paralegals we like researching not only what they’re searching for online to find you, but the latest findings around new cases.

David Cary, Esq. is a licensed California attorney.

Wrongful Death FAQ Video Format

Wrongful death is a sensitive subject. We ensure that the tone of our videos is compassionate and heartfelt for your potential clients.

Steve Gustavson is a licensed California attorney and belongs to the Screen Actors Guild. He’s appeared in Woody Allen’s “Blue Jasmine” and on numerous national TV ads.

Emailer and/or FAQ Video Format

This video was created as an emailer or faq video. The law firm emails this video to their existing list or potential clients. It’s also very good for a social media blast.

Ned Clarke belongs to the Screen Actor’s Guild and has been featured on John Deer and Wells Fargo ads among others!

Trucking FAQ Video Format

Trucking accidents are scary and the people who have been injured need an experienced attorney. These videos are a great fit for your website as well as optimizing them for search results or pre-roll ads on YouTube.

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