Law Firm Marketing: How to Build a Niche Practice Area with Video

//Law Firm Marketing: How to Build a Niche Practice Area with Video

Learning law firm marketing can be overwhelming. This blog and videos are meant to give you some good ideas and help you along the way: (See the video? not yet? It’ll pop in momentarily!)

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nedToday I’m telling a story about an injury lawyer in Georgia who wanted to mainly specialize in dog bite cases and how we used video to help him achieve his goals but first the Tuesday Tweet:

(But First) – The Tuesday Tweet:

Joel Harris at Harris Estate Law Tweeted “Sometimes I wear this in court. It’s my frivolous law suit”.

Law Firm Marketing

Law Firm Marketing: How to Grow a Niche Practice Area with Video

Had you ever thought about how much satisfaction you got out of working in a niche area of the law but weren’t sure how to grow that part of your practice?

Most Firms Don’t Use Their In-House Video Studio

When we were creating a law firm marketing strategy for Millar Mixon, I went to build them an in house studio in their law firm. I expected they would film regularly. We purchased lighting, cameras, microphones and I taught their staff how to do it all in house.

We had a lot of fun, but also filmed some very serious video about dog bites and some testimonials as well.

The idea was that they would film regularly in their studio. But like a lot of law firms, they really didn’t do it.

This happens a lot – so before you start getting excited about building a studio, be sure you really think you’ll do the work! Some law firms do and some don’t.

Search Optimized Videos Work for Years to Come

After the first round of frequently asked dog bit videos were posted, I was so excited to say that Bruce has now had a chance to really focus his practice on dog bite law. He came back to film more videos with us a year later. There is no shortage of questions people can have around your practice area. It doesn’t matter if your talking business to business, or to individuals. People want to see you, hear your voice or even hear someone standing in for your firm if you don’t like being on video.

The reason it works so well to use video for building your new practice areas, is because often if it’s a “niche” area of expertise, the competition for top search results is slightly less!

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MARKETING STRATEGIST SUMMARY Law firm digital marketing expert. I am continually learning. As a worldwide public speaker and teacher for 9+ years, I teach law firms PR and marketing, helping to increase their revenue, (sometimes in the millions) by saving them time and money, and bringing in new clients. I have worked with 70+ law firms. A huge proponent of video, I build video production studios for law firms and teach content marketing, automation, SEO, social media and design. Over 800 law firms follow my marketing video blog about management, business development & marketing.

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