Law Firm Marketing: How to turn website visitors into real clients

//Law Firm Marketing: How to turn website visitors into real clients

You Might Ask Yourself: Why is everyone bouncing off your website?

Two Reasons Why Visitors Might be Bouncing Off Your Law Firm Website

I get this a lot from my law firm friends lately – who come to film with me. Today I’m going to address 2 reasons why your website’s bounce rate might be up!

By rewriting your content you can dramatically increase the rate by which people reach out to you through your website. It’s the same thing with video. If your message isn’t resonating with the viewer why would they reach out? I hope this will help inspire you:

Two Common Mistakes Law Firms are Making with Content


Here are the most common mistakes law firms make with their content:
1. Talking too much about themselves before solving issues

Let’s go a little deeper. What do I mean by “solving issues” what I mean is you need to educate them about why your law firm is best for them. You might think putting your settlements up is the best idea. If that’s what your leading with, tell them why that’s important. With all my years working marketing to injured people, I know that talking about money, while they need it, makes them feel guilty.

Here’s an Example; Your website says: We settled these cases for this amount. Tell them the reason this is important to them. Maybe your settlements are important to them because catastrophically injured people sent a message to corporate america not to keep injuring people with their products. Or maybe your settlements are important to them because handling cases is expensive, and partnering with your law firm means they have a law firm with enough resources to take their case to trial.


2. The other common issue I see with law firm content is speaking in what I call corporate language. You might read and write legal briefs all day long, but your potential client, especially if their injured, are sensitive and broken, they don’t want to be in this position and likely have never hired a law firm for anything in their lives… you know this to be true because most of your clients haven’t stepped foot in a law firm. But even so, everyone, even you appreciate simplicity! Save them time and get to the point! Give them empathetic headlines and real educational content that is thoughtfully written in a simple way!

This holds true for video production as well. Whether your best cases are referrals, or they come from the internet, or TV, be sure your message is simple, direct, empathetic and educates them about why and how your firm is the best option.


About the Author:

MARKETING STRATEGIST SUMMARY Law firm digital marketing expert. I am continually learning. As a worldwide public speaker and teacher for 9+ years, I teach law firms PR and marketing, helping to increase their revenue, (sometimes in the millions) by saving them time and money, and bringing in new clients. I have worked with 70+ law firms. A huge proponent of video, I build video production studios for law firms and teach content marketing, automation, SEO, social media and design. Over 800 law firms follow my marketing video blog about management, business development & marketing.

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