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Video produced for a specific platform, with the ideal message and production quality, can grow companies very quickly.


Paid multi channel marketing, (both online and off), while optimizing media for search, yields great results.


Your unique website analytics can serve as a way to collect important data for finding clients on other online platforms.

A Few of Our Client Friends 

What Our Clients Say

I met Mary Cary when she was speaking at a Conference. She said YouTube was the 2nd biggest search engine in the world. I wasn’t utilizing the second biggest search engine in the world. We filmed hundreds of videos with Mary. She built our website when we had 2 employees, at this point in time, we have over 120 employees! Thank you!

Neil Woods, Woods & Woods

Go Media Marketing has top class support, Ned helped me understand how using video matters. Once we grew bigger we had Go Media Marketing do our videos – & blog for us. Mary Cary came to film us in Nebraska and I also came out to film with GoMedia Marketing in Sausalito. I stayed in San Francisco. Thank you! Highly recommended!

Dan Friedman, Friedman Law Office

I have had GoMedia Marketing film engineering firms all over the United States for us all around the area of STEM Careers. We also have them build our websites and marketing strategies. Mary Cary went with a crew to film Dean Kamen and his young engineers in New Hampshire twice. We’re very happy with their kindness and help.

Cindy, Capstone Technologies

GoMedia Marketing in the Community


Mentoring Program puts Bay Area Latino law school students with attorneys who provide consistent support, guidance and concrete help in the legal profession.


We envision a diverse, fair and equitable Marin, where all women and children have the resources to live happy healthy and productive lives.


Inspiring Marin County girls to be they’re absolute best. Helping them through mentorship programs and giving them the resources available to grow to their highest potential.

What Will Help Your Company Most?

Dear Business Owner, 

You may be starting from scratch with a whole new brand or area of practice, and not sure where to start, or wanting to expand the brand you’ve so lovingly built from the ground up. We meet you where you are to help.

If you’re starting with branding, we work with you to create your logo, name your company and choose the colors and fonts that resonate with your potential clients. There are plenty of ways to look at colors and style. This should be something you’re going to love for years to come. We want you proud of your brand.

Branding is our specialty. 

Once you love your brand, it’s now time to developing your content, this means writing copy. Then you’ll need a beautiful website as your calling card, and videos that allow your potential clients to meet you and become educated about how you can help them the most. But simply creating media doesn’t mean getting clients. Now you need to push your media with marketing.

You’re now ready to build out your marketing with a social media presence, email automation, and an offline presence as well with TV and other old-school ways to reach potential clients (if needed). Your good message should be educational with some identity branding as well.

Get your questions answered today!

How Does Video Grow Your Company?

Make Sure You’re Represented By the Best

A videographer can point and shoot, but so often has no idea about the elements that go into marketing. Produce all your videos so that they have specific content for each platform, whether TV or the many extremely important online platforms.

Our creative professional team has worked on some of the finest productions in the world. Ms. Cary, our director and CEO, has produced over 2,000 Legal Marketing Videos all over the world for law firms big & small. She also has filmed many celebrities, most recently including Carlos Santana (musician) and Ray Lewis (former quarterback).

Video Stats 2019

Email Clickthrough: 96%
Web Traffic: 80%
Mobile Shares: 92%
Watching in 1 Week: 78%
More Time on a Website: 88%
Increase Web Traffic: 100%

FAQ – Video Production with GoMedia Marketing 

We own our studio and can take as long as you need to feel we got your best “take”. We usually like you here for 2 to 3 full days of shooting. Of course this depends on how many people are coming and how we plan your shoot. Reach out with any questions you may have anytime.

Our favorite places to stay are often very popular, so we like to plan on getting you booked as early as possible. Sausalito is a very popular destination we have over 300,000 tourists, often on bicycles, each year because we’re a short hop from San Francisco. Sausalito can sometimes feel like Europe. We love Inn Above the Tide for those who want a really high end experience. And Casa Madrona for a unique boutique hotel experience. Food, shops and entertainment is in walking distance. If you love the outdoors this is the place to be.

All of those hotels are very close into town and you wouldn’t need a car because we’d pick you up. Cavallo Point is beautiful, serene and relaxing! It has a wonderful spa and amazing outdoor spaces, but you’d miss the experience of being right in Sausalito, as it’s about a mile out of town right under the Golden Gate Bridge!

If you want a less expensive alternative that is still really nice, we have a Holiday Inn Express that offers (last we checked) free bikes to ride, and an outdoor fire pit. It’s on the water and you could literally ride to the video studio. (except we want you looking more polished so please don’t!)

Reach out anytime with questions.

Coming to film with you is always an honor. Working with us means we’ll put getting new clients FIRST! We’ve built video studios in (somewhere around) 50+ law firms! That’s a lot of filming in law firms. We love coming to you. If we’re building a studio there are some things you should know so please reach out so we can give you the pros and cons! We feel you’d be more relaxed and get better video from you, if you come to us in Sausalito.

When we come to you, we usually have you book the hotel for the director & assistant (who can usually share the room). You get us the airline tickets. And we bring all the gear which is a little extra cost for a gear trunk. Even if we’re building you a small studio and training your staff, it usually takes about 3 to 4 days to get all the footage and get you rolling with in-house video.

Reach out so we can understand your project!

Video can cost nothing if you do it on your cell phone – all the way up to major productions by film studios that cost in the millions and have a team of hundreds working to create the masterpiece.

When you add more production value, like locations (shooting locations can be difficult to get lighting & sound), varied people talking (dialogue) more “b-roll” which means something to cut away to in order to illustrate your points, animated titles, better quality lenses and cameras, beautiful lighting, great sound… well then it costs a bit more!

At GoMedia Marketing, we’ve shot thousands of marketing videos at pretty much every production level and budget. The most important thing you should know, is that we will focus (pun intended) on getting you clients above all else. We try and keep your costs down if needed, quality up and the bottom line which is introducing people to you who need your help. With all our experience creating successful videos, we will want to strategize with you to help you get the best possible outcome.

Reach out with your questions!

How Does Marketing Grow Your Company?

What Should Modern Marketing Agencies Do for You?

Marketing needs to be carried out online and offline with analytic proof. Marketing, whether you want more warm referrals, or to grow your company with new clients, will need a strategy that is tested and proven over time. Your marketing agency should have worked on lots of platforms, and have the experience to know the best place to start for your niche (or areas or practice).

How do you know if you have the right agency?

  • Do you see yourself in your marketing company’s existing work?

  • Do  you trust and like them? Ask who you’ll be working with regularly.

  • See how responsive they are, your marketing firm is representing your company.

  • Ask for referrals!

FAQ – Marketing with GoMedia Marketing 

We work with companies at all levels and budgets. We’ve filmed Carlos Santana (musician), and Ray Lewis (football quarterback) and more celebrities – all the way to our amazing solo practitioner law firms here locally.

With online marketing, the work is often extensive even with marketing automation. The strategy and setup takes careful consideration to make your budget go far.

Something to Consider: A marketing director for legal marketing (who does a great job) will make about $120,000 a year. We do consider ourselves the marketing director for many law firms but cost them less yearly.

That being said, if you don’t have a budget we’ll still give some ideas how to do it yourself.

Reach out with any questions you may have anytime.

Be cautious if someone gives you a marketing strategy without research! We like to interview you, look at all your assets (and we mean ALL) and then create a plan of attack that will cost you the least and get you the most clients. This will depend on how big your company is and how many assets you have now.

Reach out anytime with questions.

When it comes to marketing, we like to start with you in front of the camera if possible! We think you will be the most effective representative for your brand. Then once we have all the video and other digital assets we go from there!

As your in-house marketing team at GoMedia Marketing, most of our monthly firms have someone in-house other than the senior partner or CEO, that we work with for communications about what’s going on in the firm.

Another Note: But if you really don’t like being on camera or developing your message, or you simply don’t have time. Ask us! We can handle it all for you.

Reach out so we can understand your project!

This is a great question we get asked all the time. You might have thought you tried Facebook and got nothing, or had a blog once and nothing happened there, or even a landing page with pay per click campaign – that didn’t yield the way you wish. One problem here is the wrong message for the platform you’re using!

What to Know about Platforms & Content. For instance, your “Facebook Free Business Page” usually has an entirely different message than “Facebook Paid Ads”.

  • Often we can get new clients from Facebook Paid
  • whereas Facebook Free is usually for referrals from clients.

One mistake we’ve seen is posting a TV ad on “YouTube Free” and expecting people to call.

  • YouTube Free does better with educational content that’s a little longer
  • YouTube Paid is interruption based, so your TV ad might work!

With each platform, a new approach is implemented. Always Test Test TEST and always use UNIQUE TRACKING!

After you test, you’ll know you’re getting the most bang for your marketing budget. And you can prove your results!

Reach out with your questions!

How Do Websites Grow Your Company?


Ask us how well we understand your industry.

Think of your “blog” as your company magazine. Get social, interactive, educational, and engaging. Your blog is a place for potential clients to learn about what you do.

70% more leads for companies who blog 1 – 2x a month. Blogging is creative marketing. We can blog for you!

79% of companies have a blog! We can teach you how to research and write blogs.

80% of decision makers read a series of articles before they decide. (All our websites include a blog)

FAQ – Websites with GoMedia Marketing 

Whether you’re re-branding, modernizing, or starting a brand new site, the timing can vary. We normally see it taking between 6 weeks and 3 months. Reach out with any questions you may have anytime.

Usually we have an initial meeting with you and then you send us everything that you imagine your website containing, such as logo, images, video and text. And then we ask that you give us 3 links to websites you love for inspiration. We can supply all of those elements too if you have nothing! We create brands from the ground up!

Reach out anytime with questions.

We build WordPress websites because they are the best platform to be indexed by Google. This means better search results. Reach out so we can understand your project!

Yes! We always make sure that you understand the basics for getting around your website.

Reach out with your questions!

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In this streaming 5 part video series HOW LAW FIRMS ARE GETTING CASES 2018″ I’m sharing ideas to help you get inspired about bumping up your marketing on many different platforms. While innovations move fast in marketing, this video still applies in many ways. Thank you! See you in the next video.

— Mary Cary, CEO and Founder

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