Legal Marketing with VideoWhat is the most important part of your law firm’s video production?

Is it the camera? the lens? The music or sound?

The most important thing you can do with your legal marketing video is order your ideas correctly! And I’m going to outline some questions you’ll want to ask yourself when you’re beginning to create your videos.

Anything on video worked in 2006!

simon stingerBack in 2006, (yes that is me with the guitar) I made one of  the best moves of my life by jumping into a brand new website called YouTube.

Here is a quick video of me in my basement on my first YouTube Video playing guitar:

As a legal secretary by day and rock star by night (and sometimes a full-time guitarist!) – I had this amazing idea that lawyers could use this medium to connect with clients, the same way we connected with fans.

Of course I was laughed at, not so much by curious law firms, but by other marketing agencies focused on TV advertising.

Times have changed a lot since 2006 when you could post anything putting your grand ideas in any order at all. People would watch just because it was there! (And those 25,000+ views are 100% real – I guess they like seeing a gal shred on guitar)

We all have video cameras on our cell phones! What’s the big dealio?

10-secondsOrdering Your Ideas Correctly Matters! Now they’ll tune out:

Video is like a song, if it doesn’t move them to do something it’s not worth much at all.
You not only need a great camera with a beautiful lens and good sound… You must use the correct order of ideas that move people, or they’ll tune out in the first 10 seconds.

ordering ideasHow do you order your ideas correctly?

Depending on where someone is “in the buying cycle” for choosing their lawyer, whether they first found your video on YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest or on the Google Display Ad network (on another website), you must give careful consideration to your order of ideas in your attorney marketing videos.

TO DO: Ask yourself these questions before your shoot (also know what style video you’re producing)


Here are some questions to ask when preparing to film:

  • Who is watching this?
  • Am I speaking to that person directly or boasting about my accomplishments?
  • What do I want them to do?
  • Where are they in the decision making cycle?

Like TV commercials are one style of video, you will want to create online video that meets them where they are.

Some styles of online video are:

  • Display Ad Videos
  • Social Media Videos
  • Frequently Asked Questions for Natural Search
  • Biography Videos (which are still marketing)
  • Interview format to demonstrate expertise

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