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    Free Clients with Online Video?

    I’m so excited for you to begin this program and begin to learn how to get clients with online video. Everyone wants free clients right? When you produce your videos correctly you can literally begin getting free clients for years and years to come! The image below of Dan Munley with over 80,000 views is one of my clients.

    So many of my clients, (which are 90% law firms), enjoy the benefits of top search results with their videos both on YouTube and Google.

    When people find your videos themselves, they now become a warm lead rather than someone who doesn’t know you. The process of them discovering you is important to their mind-set. When you have a lot of videos, they have a chance to get to know you even better on their own time.

    Example: Free Clients Years After Production

    Here’s what I mean, Dan Munley, Trucking Accident Lawyer from Pennsylvania (in my own YouTube channel) enjoys top Trucking Accident search results and over 80,000 views! This is real! We worked hard on every aspect of this video. My friends at Munley Law do not pay me anything anymore to sit on these top results. I don’t know any other form of marketing that gets these results free. But it took a WHOLE LOT of WORK in the beginning.

    Who are we?

    mary cary headshotMy name is Mary Cary and my company is Go Media Marketing in Sausalito, California. And if your a lawyer, we likely met at a legal marketing conference.

    I’m a public speaker. I teach marketing, to law firms globally, build in-house video studios teach search optimization, marketing automation, article writing and more. I’ve spoken from Vancouver to New Orleans and even in Shanghai at the Technology International Chinese Business Lawyers Marketing & Technology Summit sharing these ideas with my law firm friends.

    I’ve researched scripted and filmed over 1,800 law firm videos in many practice areas. I thought all this up when I had a record label in the early 2000s when I was thinking about how to market bands.

    Here’s the real deal, to get those free top search results, it matters how you present yourself, how you name your files, what you say on camera and when you say it, how you look, how your video is branded, where it’s posted and more. There are so many elements that make the difference. In fact I can’t think of any other way to meet new clients free.

    80% of decision makers read at least 7 articles before they decide. They want to know as much as they can about you, before they work with you. It’s the same for anyone! I want to know more about you before I would work with you too!

    Why are we doing this? We want to get to know you by offering you some really good usable information! And if you decide you need help, we hope you call on us first.

    So let’s get started right now understanding what content you need to produce to get the best outcome in your next video shoot! And I’ll see you in the next video!

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