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How does GoMedia Marketing charge?

  • We mostly charge by the job. There are occasional jobs where we will work with you hourly, but that is unusual! Having a set price means you know what to expect. This also means we can work longer on your project without stressing you out about budget.
  • We create a Proposal based on your budget. We create a preliminary strategy so we can calculate the time and effort we need to put into your project.

What should my budget be?

  • Your budget should be based on what people make for the project you have in mind.
  • Does GoMedia Marketing work free or under market? Yes! When we calculate your proposal at a flat rate, we normally are making less than the Average Yearly pay. (And you don’t need to see us everyday around the water cooler, pay benefits or worker’s compensation). We do pro bono work for a few worthy causes!

What is the first thing that GoMedia Marketing Does?

  • Research before writing your proposal.
    • We make sure you know your odds of getting clients. We love working on successful projects.

What kinds of projects does GoMedia Marketing do?

  • All platforms and all known media at this time including video production, design, strategy, content writing and more.

Do websites need monthly hosting and maintenance? 

  • Yes! They always need updating and regular maintenance. Your website needs upgrades because browsers, operating systems and devices need updating. This person is called a webmaster. They work on your website monthly to keep it safe from attacks while upgrading all it’s many components.

How long does marketing take before I get clients?

  • Every project is unique. If you’re trying to build a marketing platform you can use for years,  it usually takes no less than six months. However, clients normally are coming in during testing and development.
  • Because we research your niche before we start, and have experience, we can give you an idea what to expect.
  • (It’s very exciting once we’ve built you a platform that works to see the clients coming in).

My proposal is in depth can I use this strategy to do it myself?

  • Yes. If you can’t afford to work with us we have a learning center that can help you!
DYI – Learning Center
Research Analyst $73,984/yr
Marketing Strategist $88,443/yr
Website Developer $108,017/yr
Digital Designer $93,524/yr
Videographer $65,624/yr
Video Editor $65,624/yr
Marketing Campaign Manager $73,821/yr

Marketing is a Gamble without Experience

Nearly all marketing is taking a chance. Most agencies will tell you don’t spend anything that you can’t afford to lose. However, with experience getting millions of dollars worth of clients in your niche, gathering data and knowing what your potential clients respond to best, we can help. We have a proven track record.

YOUR NEW CLIENTS: Many of my law firm friends do not take a case worth less than $15,000. Their niche is extremely competitive, and the competition has the resources needed to win. Our experience matters.

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    Our Location – Beautiful Sausalito 6.3 Miles North of San Francisco

    We have our own professional cyclorama green screen video studio here in Sausalito where we can create any media you need for marketing & advertising. Located right next door to Facebook’s Virtual Reality arm, we’re in the epicenter of silicon valley’s transformation of the world. Most of our clients come here to film with us and enjoy the creative exciting energy of the San Francisco bay area, of course home to Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, YouTube, Google and GoMedia Marketing.