Keep Your Practice Simple with Regular Video Communication

Did you become a Social Security Disability Attorney and then find out there’s massive amounts of communication with your clients?

You know building the best case for your client takes real experience.

And once you’re experienced, you have to answer the same sorts of questions day in and day out to help ensure a win.

  • Don’t let communication slow your practice

Simple SSD Entertaining Automated Video Emails!

Humor boosts retention. Simple SSD uses video produced with Attorney Michael Sullivan to communicate regularly with your clients throughout the complex Social Security Disability process. We’ve produced footage to help make light of things that can go wrong to drive the point home.

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Simplify Your Practice
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Simple SSD Helps You Build a Better Case

Simple SSD was formed by a highly successful top Social Security Disability attorney, Michael Sullivan, and his marketing director/entrepreneur CEO GoMedia Marketing & Productions, video director and legal marketing expert, Mary Cary.

Video Content Sample
Humor Boosts Retention


Keep your case on track with less communication on your part, all while using Mike Sullivan’s 25+ years of experience! Your client will better understand what can go wrong and avoid the many pitfalls.

  • Use Mike Sullivan’s years of experience to help your clients do their best.

Simple SSD Automates Processes

More than case winning content, whether you have your own email automation system like Salesforce Marketing Cloud or Mailchimp, or want us to help set it up for you, we are here to help.

We’ve made your video communications as generic as possible (with a real attorney) so that you can use Simple SSD with your brand.

  • Want it branded to your firm? Just ask.

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Simplify Your Practice
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