How a Target Video Marketing Approached Helped Woods & Woods grow from 2 to Over 120+

marketingWe were approached in January 2010 by Woods and Woods after Mary, CEO and Founder of Go Media Marketing spoke on the subject of Target Marketing at the M&L Legal Marketing Management Seminar in Santa Barbara, about using online video and blogging.

Woods & Woods has been looking at ways to expand their practice and mentioned that injury law, which had sustained them for many years, they felt, was “shrinking”. They wanted a new practice area to help the firm grown and had decided to work in Veteran Disability Benefit Law. They asked if Mary could build them a website.

Mary negotiated a lower price with them because they were small and had not tested the concept. She built them a WordPress website around the topic of Veteran Disability Benefits providing relevant information to the visitors about how to help them get through the process while recommending they get the help they need from a qualified Veteran Disability Benefit law firm.  Mary’s team also built a Forum where Vets could speak to one and other on the topic. Facebook was implemented as well.

Within a year this website and the firm grew. The website’s analytics were off the charts because they had written 10 articles a month and the Vets were going to the site for information. Mary then built Woods & Woods a video studio and they filmed 10 videos a month with Mary’s team consulting about the tone and keywords for each video. Mary even interviewed Mike Woods via speaker phone to get the performance she needed.

With over 144+ videos the firm now has over 120+ employees and are very happy with the work Mary did with them.

This approach can be used most practice areas if you are willing to focus on a niche practice area. Even now we see loads of opportunity when the sites are set on a narrow area of the law such as Birth Injury.

An area like Birth Injury, we know can be expensive for the law firm and this is why there is less competition in that area, but the fruits are there in these niche areas even now with more and more law firms understanding Niche target marketing.

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