How to Get New Clients with Video

What Video Styles Get Cases? [#1 in Series]

What kinds of videos get the most bang for your marketing dollars? (Don’t see video yet? Give it a sec!)

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Video is projected to be 74% of all internet traffic in 2017.
It helps potential clients make up their minds. But they only care about you (and your biography video) once you demonstrate that you can help them.
Because the Internet is structured for information gathering. The most effective online videos are geared to speak directly to a smaller but very interested group of people.
Your video should not seem like an ad. It should be helpful and educational. Sharing your expertise is the best way to get your potential clients to know you, trust you and contact you.

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Overview of Video #1:

The Purpose of Your Biography Video

Most law firms start with a biography video. A biography is important, it helps potential clients off the fence when they’re interested. But they’ll only care about you, and your biography video, once you demonstrate you can help them.

The Purpose of TV Advertising Videos

A TV ad online won’t be effective. A TV ad is meant to interrupt a large disinterested group in hopes to find potential clients.

What do potential clients want to know when searching online for help?

In most cases the person isn’t even sure they need a law firm but they’re beginning to think they do. They usually ask simple questions in their initial search, like this:

  • “Can I do this myself”
  • “How would a law firm help?” Or   
  • “What does a law firm cost?”

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