How to Get New Clients with Video

Ordering Your Ideas Correctly [#2 in Series]

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Online videos, when done correctly cost the least amount of money over time.
Tell them what the video is about! The first 10 seconds is crucial. Most people tune out right away if they think the video is rambling, or not directly telling them what they want to know.
Even if you’re a corporate law firm, someone is looking for help! Give them 3 or 4 sentences of empathy. This goes a long way to let someone know you care about what they’re experiencing.
Share your expertise! This develops trust in your potential clients!

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Overview of Video #2:

In the last video we learned FAQ videos get cases for years to come. In this video we’ll detail how to order your ideas so that your message resonates with someone who needs you. It doesn’t matter what practice area, as long as you get this right! Here’s how it goes:

Why do You Need the Correct Order of Ideas? (the first 10 second rule)

A video that doesn’t have the correct order of ideas will fall flat in the first few seconds. Getting the right order of ideas is crucial. Please download this list on our website at

  • In the first 10 seconds, tell them what the video will be about so the interested person stays tuned in.

19% of viewers are gone in the first 10 seconds. But if the video is search optimized and targeted, and the first 10 seconds tells them that they’ll get their question answered the retention rate of your viewer goes way up.

Empathy Speaks to Those Searching 

Next empathize, even throw rocks at their enemies by walking in their shoes, tell them you understand what they’re feeling and explain in a few sentences how you know where they are right now. 

  • In our example video – all of that empathy only took a few seconds and about 3 sentences but it was important. Before they care about you, they want to know that you care about them – and now you do!
  • Next you want to tell a very short story about a similar case where they can see themselves in the story. Again this can be 3 or 4 sentences tops.

Video Retains Their Attention Better than Text

In 2016, retention rates for video content far outpace text-based content, it’s clear that video is the preferred online communication.

  • MARY Now share your expertise, what did you do to solve the issue. What can you tell them that they may not know at this stage to help them through? This is also a place where you can educate them about what they may need to know.

Talk to One Person

Always talk to one person. When your potential client is watching your video you want to speak as though you’re right across the table.

Remember, Tell Them What to Do Next

Here’s a tip I use with most of my law firm videos. Tell them in real language what will happen next if they contact you. Using words like “free consultation” sounds salsey. When I film this part of your video, I usually take the you off camera, and record your audio. I sit you on a couch and ask you about 5 different ways. “What would happen if I contacted your office?” Then in a very real and personable tone you’ll actually tell me. This always comes out sounding more natural.

Unlike Most Advertising – You Don’t Pay Every Time it Plays!

The beauty of online video, besides the fact that you don’t pay to have it play, is that your potential client has the opportunity to already know you and trust you before you meet them. Click through to the next video where we’ll set up your production and then get you on camera Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video…