How to Get New Clients with Video

Production Video Look & Feel [#3 in Series]

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In post production, we can remove the green background, and add what we want. This means you’ll have the same background behind you every video, keeping your branding consistent.
We’ve built 100s of green screen studios in law firm offices, but using your actual desk and office isn’t always a good idea. Lighting can change and elements can get moved making an inconsistent messy look & feel.
In post production editing it won’t work if the green color is darker and lighter colors. If this happens, your on-camera subject can literally have holes in them, or look wobbly.
Great professional lighting makes your subject look beautiful, younger, brighter and more interesting!

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Overview of Video #3:

In the last 2 videos we learned FAQ videos are on the frontline for getting cases, and we put your ideas in the right order so that the person can relate to you, find your videos and then see you as the expert in your field.

Video Production Matters

Now we’re going to make sure your video production looks professional before we even put you on the set ready to film your good message…

How Much do Law firms Spend on Video?

Law Firms spend anywhere from a few dollars on an iphone video, to $100,000 for an incredible movie like production. In this series we’re only sharing what matters most to you – which is your message presented in a way your viewer can take in, and act upon.

In video 1 we learned videos that resemble advertising too much is not going to work. So how will you produce a high quality video that doesn’t look too much like an but retains a high quality look and feel?

FAQ Videos Reach Very Interested People in Search

Because I would want you to produce a lot of FAQ videos in order to reach a lot of people and get you a lot of cases, I recommend a green screen. This means you will have the same nice looking background behind you every time. You’ll step onto your virtual set which always looks perfect.

Why Use a Green Screen?

The reason for using a green screen, is the lighting changes in your office, and things get moved around, your office may not deliver a consistent look. With a well lit green screen you can control your branding having it come out the same every time.

Add location footage to show your office and you working. This is a single camera setup. Make sure that your green screen is evenly lit, and you have beautiful lighting on you. And everytime you go to shoot check that the lighting hasn’t changed.

What Can Go Wrong with Lighting?

Here’s what goes wrong with lighting:

  • Too much light straight on, above or below
  • Not enough light
  • A poorly lit green screen won’t work in post production

Over Producing is a Bad Idea – It can look like Advertising

I often like to show off our video production techniques during an opener and closer – but again, I cannot stress enough that you need to be careful not to come off too much like advertising especially as a law firm.

Having too much going on, too production, will look like an advertisement. The trick is not to look like advertising while looking high end and classic. Remember this video is about getting cases. And this is how it works! Show off your high end production work in your biography videos! Up next, you’ll step into the great lighting and beautiful virtual set you’ve created