How to Get New Clients with Video

You on Camera – Styling [#4 in Series]

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Test Yourself:

How much are you taking in today?

The answer is YES! We’re used to seeing men and women with make up on camera. There is a lot we can do in post production to make you look beautiful too.
The answer is usually no. We want you to be crisp and professional. Being timeless matters because these videos will represent you and your firm for years to come.
While your wardrobe should be crisp and professional your demeanor should be more casual and accessible.
Stay simple. Look at your website and branding because your videos will likely end up on your website. Be sure if you have an accent color it matches your brand.

Let us Answer Any Questions You May Have:

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Overview of Video #4:

In the last 2 videos we learned FAQ videos are on the frontline for getting cases, and we put your ideas in the right order so that the person can relate to you, find your videos and then see you as the expert in your field.

Step onto Your Virtual Set

Now it’s your turn to step into the great lighting and beautiful virtual set you’ve created. You have your order of ideas, and you’re confident the videos will look great and work to get cases for years to come.  Let’s look at how to present yourself on camera…

What Should You Look Like?

Styling is very important for attorney videos. Be sure you have a current haircut and some make up.

You may be wondering, should you wear makeup if you’re not accustomed to it. The answer is yes. We are used to seeing people with makeup on in videos on TV and movies.


  • Your skin should look even, but not made up.
  • Be sure to either use powder or a light foundation make up that matches your skin tone.
  • Hair can often get out of place while filming use gel or hairspray.

According to Lancome if you’re wondering how to pick your powder or foundation makeup do a swatch test, try three colors next to your skin and the one that’s invisible is the one for you.

I’ve discovered over the years, that an attorney being underdressed is a bad idea. We’ve filmed videos where we had the attorney roll up his or her sleeves, then later it seemed too informal.

What Should Your Demeanor Be Like?

Your demeanor should be informal, but your wardrobe should be crisp and professional. If you’re curious how to dress, buy some fashion magazines for working professionals and imitate the looks verbatim. I want you to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing but to be honest, looking current and put together is much more important than being completely comfortable.

Match Your Company Branding

Be sure your clothes fit you well. Be realistic about what’s too tight or loose and put your best foot forward. You’ll love your videos later if you make this effort. In terms of colors: Stay simple, look at your website and branding for accent colors. But remember, simple is timeless and helps deliver your message.

TIP: Don’t want to wear any form of green when using a green screen. Avoid patterns. Busy patterns can cause what’s known as a moire effect – which looks bad on camera.

Thank you for watching this video series created just for you, our law firm friend. Please remember the reason we’re doing this is because your videos are important, you can truly help people who need you – and if you do this right, you’ll be working on your specialized cases for years to come.


A lot goes into law firm video marketing, this is our niche area of expertise, and our motive is to help you get it right… hopefully by working with us. Please reach out when you’re ready to start.