Interview Video Format

This is a video format used to reach new cases on your website as well as used in natural or organic searches. When we search optimize video for natural/organic searches they show up on the top of YouTube searches under specific key phrases (like “Brain Injury Law Firm”) and we also push to get them to show up in Google Searches.

Natural search takes lots of quality time and effort to realize results. People click on those search results over paid search.

Biography Video Format

The purpose of your biography video is to place it on your website so your visitors will stay on your website longer and get you better search results. These videos are usually only seen only on your website.

We also optimize them for natural or organic search by using your name so people will find you once they’re interested. However, these are not videos that will reach new potential clients who don’t yet know you.

Testimonial Video Format

Every company needs good testimonials. We ask the questions that we know your potential client will be looking for and put the emotional elements in the correct order to give you the best odds of connecting with your potential client. These videos are a great fit for your website as well as optimizing them for search results or pre-roll ads on YouTube.

Frequently Asked Question Video Format

Our frequently asked question videos are search optimized to find clients not only on your website, but also in the searches. These are the most powerful video format online for getting new cases.

Frequently asked question videos are also used as pre-roll video marketing on YouTube for geographically specific targeted group.