Website Development & Marketing Subscription

● WEEKLY BASIC CHECKUP: Keeping Website Updated and Working Correctly (Usually 4 hours monthly) This means checking once a week​ on your site to be sure everything is working properly.

● WEEKLY BACKUP: Backing up the website weekly. (usually 2 hours monthly). This is so you have a backup if your site is attacked.

● WEEKLY COMMUNICATION: Weekly email updates to let you know site is running correctly

● YOUR WEBSITE CHANGES: 2 Hours of changes ($30 hourly if more work is necessary) or fixes that you recommend monthly. This would include changing images, adding text to any part of the website, adding new links etc.

● MALWARE + ATTACKS: Malware or other Attacks: All other work stops until cured.

● If attacked, we will work to get your site back online by recommending and working a service called Succuri who will clean the malware off your site. We could possibly recommend new hosting. When this happens it usually entails a week of work to fix it and we’ll be the ones working to help get it fixed. We do not pay Succuri for you, but this is the best company and least expensive to clean a site that has been badly attacked – some attacks we are able to handle for you – we’ll work with Succuri to ensure a quick and positive outcome once you pay for their services which is usually a one time fee of under $400. Usually takes 40 hours

Thank you for choosing Paypal for your monthly website support! PayPal uses data encryption and anti-fraud technology to keep your information secure, reducing the risk of online fraud.