In this video I’m sharing 2 camera choices for law firm video marketing.

saulLawyer video has traditionally has set itself THE lowest possible bar when it comes to production but times are changing.

You need a bit more than being a guy in front of screen to project the right image on your video production for your law firm.

How many videos do you need to start making do it yourself law firm video production pay off?

How many videos do you need to start making do it yourself law firm video production pay off?

Lawyer Video Production and youtube-marketingI’d have no less than 100 videos in my YouTube channel working for me 24/7. And I’m walking the walk here people my YouTube Channel has 1,198 videos and 267 subscribers today.

If you want the real numbers contact me and I’ll share my powerpoint from Cabo in January where I ran those numbers and had some surprising results.

Let’s focus on you, and getting you the right camera for your law firm video production studio

Canon XA20 Professional HD CamcorderLet’s focus on you, and getting you the right camera for your in-house law firm video production studio.

I love a lot of the cameras on the market today, and could go head to head with any geek out there, so if you’re a super geek you can do your own research, but I’m talking about 2 Canon’s I’d recommend for you law firm video production marketing –  specifically for my law firm friends.

One is a point and shoot, the other if you want to make it a more epic and grow in your law firm video productions over the years.

The Easy Point & Shoot That Makes You Look Great


This choice is if you want something cheap, that takes very little “talent” to use but the footage still looks nice. If you’re not out to film an epic documentary, you’ll love this one.

These are the styles of cameras I mostly recommended to my law firms who do their own basic videos without much thought to production. It’s a fine camera!

Even without a lot of high end features, Canon XA20 is just fine if you have an artistic eye and some creativity!


  • Poor onboard sound … but most professionals only use the onboard mic as a scratch track
  • Poor in low light or flourescent lighting – the camera’s color becomes weird and needs correcting
  • Can’t change lenses but Canon has Wide Lens Attachment Canon – WA-H58 Wide Attachment Lens for $449


  • Easy to use – Good UX all the buttons are easy to find and understand
  • Good LCD screen
  • Great Image Quality
  • Great Image Stabilization
  • 2 XLR Audio inputs so you can have 2 people’s audio recorded into one camera

Want to Take your Law Firm Video Production to a New Level?

Law Firm Video Produciton EOS-C100-FSL-w-EF-24-70mmMy second choice is if you want to truly make something a little more spectacular.

Canon EOS C100 Mark II Cinema EOS Camera with EF 24-105mm f/4L Lens


These Canons are beautiful – and this one has incredible auto focus feature as well for the “Run and Gun” style video. Of course you can change lenses and there’s a lens for every possible occasion including your law firm’s video production!

Here is why I love this camera for your law firm video production

Here is why I love this camera for law firm video production:

As I’m getting ready to film a low budget TV pilot, I wanted to be able to film my subject walking & talking to me in San Francisco walking (without a first AC with a follow focus to manually walk with me help focus the shot). IF you don’t have that money, this is the next best thing!

Auto Focus Dream Come True: This camera “auto focuses” with a new technology that not only uses focus, but contrast, as long as your subject is in the middle of the shot very quickly giving us beautiful depth of field behind our subject, making a smaller crew very possible! The drawback to this new technology is that if something is brighter behind or your subject moves out of the center of the frame, it will focus on the background. To get around that with this camera, you can go to your programs assign number 7 button to be a focus lock. Then on the fly you can click in and out of Auto Focus keeping your subject in focus when they’re out of frame.


Pro Sound: This camera has 2 XLR input jacks!

It also has WiFi on board. Wifi is generally used to have a your camera’s image and some of it’s functions connected wirelessly, and operated from to a remote tablet or computer, it’s also used for file upload and wireless monitoring.

The Only Drawback I Could Find:

WiFi File Upload Setup Cumbersome: You need wireless system and an FTP server which is a little bit of setup! Cannon has very good customer service. But Setting up the wifi often means you’ll probably have to put in a call to Cannon to get it to all work easily. Once it is working, however, it’s really cool to have all your day’s footage uploaded directly to your Post Production crew (here in San Francisco!). Remember filming can often be the smallest part of your law firm video production!

Player_iconWe can help you build your law firm video production studio. I also organize and direct shoots remotely, research mass tort topics and other practice areas and write your scripts, we also take care of your post production, editing, motion graphics and sound if you can manage to get your files into dropbox!


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