How to Get Clients to Respond

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Today I’m talking about how to capture those who don’t respond right away to your ads.

[Marketing Jargon Alert] – Each blog post I try and explain some marketing jargon lately! Today I don’t think there is any. Please reach out if I’m speaking a foreign language and you need an explanation.

What if you’re spending money on marketing and you feel like no one is responding?

It is true that there are a type of potential client who will look at your Facebook ad, or hear about you from a friend, but they don’t necessarily respond right away. But why not?

Maybe they’re not ready, maybe they ARE ready and they’re distracted by the next thing in their Social Media feed.

But for whatever reason they don’t reach out but they still can become your best client if you stay in front of them.

So how do you make sure they reach out to your firm and not someone else?

In 2019 I put together a small test. I used Facebook lead ads and an email automation campaign that brought in 26 potential car accident cases for less than $5.00 per lead in 4 days.

Each person responded by saying they wanted to download a free eBook called “How to Hire a Car Accident Attorney”.

Then since we had their email now, we sent them an ongoing stream of really valuable educational information that could help them understand what they’re going through, who they’re really up against, and the whole process.

And I recommended that the firm call them immediately when people sign up for theBook. (Now we do this for our firms)

What’s the take away? Sometimes we get “ghosted”. 

But even if they don’t answer your phone call, or respond right away, those leads are now in an automation email campaign that continues to reach out to them so they will not lose track of you in the “noise”.

Need help? Here are some of the things we’ve taught to law firms:

  • Practice area strategy

  • Social media advertising

  • Television advertising

  • Video production

  • Opinion documentary films

  • Day in the life video production

  • Search engine optimization

  • Website development / Google

  • Content marketing / script writing

  • Cloud case management

  • Streamlining processes

  • Virtual help

Meet some of Our Client Friends 

A Few Testimonials

I have worked on a number of projects with Mary. Mary built a stunning website for the San Diego market which she then search optimized.  It was different and original rather than something cheap looking from an iphone. We wanted the ability to film anytime. Mary and her team came to us on site and built a video studio. She taught us about gear, sound, lighting, scripting, presentation and how to present on camera. When her program was completed she left the tools and know-how to produce professional in-house marketing videos for any platform at anytime. Mary is a pro and you will love working with her.

I met Mary Cary when she was speaking at a Conference. She said YouTube was the 2nd biggest search engine in the world. I wasn’t utilizing the second biggest search engine in the world. We filmed hundreds of videos with Mary. She built our website when we had 2 employees, at this point in time, we have over 120 employees! Thank you!

Neil Woods, Woods & Woods - National Veteran Benefit & Personal Injury

Go Media Marketing has top class support, Ned helped me understand how using video matters. Once we grew bigger we had Go Media Marketing do our videos – & blog for us. Mary Cary came to film us in Nebraska and I also came out to film with GoMedia Marketing in Sausalito. I stayed in San Francisco. Thank you! Highly recommended!

Dan Friedman, Friedman Law Office, - Nebraska Personal Injury

I have had GoMedia Marketing film engineering firms all over the United States for us all around the area of STEM Careers. We also have them build our websites and marketing strategies. Mary Cary went with a crew to film Dean Kamen and his young engineers in New Hampshire twice. We’re very happy with their kindness and help.

Cindy, Capstone Technologies - San Francisco

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