Welcome! In this video I’m sharing about getting cases on many platforms with your videos!

I’m talking about smart pre-production planning! This is how to plan your shoot so videos get cases on TV, as well as on the many online platforms. Also I’m featuring Lana at BigTime Advertising with media buying moment. To reach Lana directly email her at: lana@bigtimeadv.com

This is episode two in a five part series about TV and law firm marketing. Also I’m featuring Lana at BigTime Advertising to help save you time & money with your TV media buying.

There’s nothing worse than spending a lot of money on TV spots, posting them online, and not having them get you cases online. You probably spent a lot of money producing them, but they only work on TV. Why isn’t a TV spot working online?

Online videos are not always “interruption based”. Also, “call now” doesn’t always work. They may want to chat, fill out a form, email, text, or message! Online videos are not always 30 seconds. In fact, it’s often better if they don’t appear as a :30 ad… and even have a longer more educational format.

Wanna skip talking to us and go right to Lana for your media buying? Let her know Mary Cary sent you!


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