Welcome! This video is about doing a little research before you begin any marketing and advertising… and especially before you shoot any videos. This is episode 3 in a 5 part series about TV and law firm marketing.

Also I’m featuring Lana at BigTime Advertising to help save you time & money with your TV media buying. To reach Lana directly email her at: lana@bigtimeadv.com.

Now with all the data we can get from many platforms, like Facebook Advertising tools, Google Analytics, Google or Bing Keyword tools, you can begin to see what kinds of numbers you’ll be reaching when you start your campaigns.

We write and edit different versions of the videos for each platform including TV. Also, Lana helps us understand when our ads are being played and how an agency can help.

Wanna talk to Lana for your media buying? Let her know Mary Cary sent you!


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