Lawyers – How to utilize social media (free) to get cases

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Hi I’m Mary Cary at GoMedia Marketing & productions, legal marketing specialists in California.

Lawyers this video is how to utilize social media (the free business page) to get cases. Of course a whole lot more goes into this, but for the sake of a quick video tip frequency of posts, and what you’re posting about are important aspects. Also bear in mind that those who like your page, are often everyday family, friends and former clients who can refer you a case! (watch the video to find out more)

How to Get Cases for Your Law Firm with Free Social Media Pages

So Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are social media. They have free business pages and paid advertising. Many law firms have free social media business pages but how do you get cases with your free social media pages?

Carrying out these ideas takes plenty of time, talent and effort. Executing even one of these ideas with regularity will make a difference!

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