How can including  “Ummmm” and “ahhhh” in your videos actually get you cases?

umToday as the executive producer and director of coming up on roughly 2000 lawyer marketing videos, I want to talk about how YOU, just as you are – the expert in your field – are perfectly suited for targeted video marketing even with your ummmms and ahhhhs

You are the expert and there’s no one better to talk to those who need you.

kevin spaceyWhile here at Go Media Marketing, we  do have amazing credible lawyers and paralegals who will stand in on camera for your firm which happens for many reasons – You are the expert at what you do, your unique character, your voice, your manner, your facial features and gestures are all unique to you – and perfectly suited to share your expertise. Who knows better than you – what your potential client needs to know when they’re beginning to feel they need help?

Story: Do Lawyers say “um” and “ah” when they’re thinking?

I had a lawyer on camera recently here in my studio who said Um Ah prior to each and every statement he made, he was thinking something through, most lawyers are incredibly thoughtful and analytical, they can picture the consequences of every word. You can see their wheels turning and it’s beautiful – and not only stylistically we want at least some of those ums and ahhs in the final video but for also for getting cases. Why would ums and ahhs get cases?

Targeted Video Marketing Doesn’t Suck the Life Out of Your Performance!

_Training_ballerina_080307_Taking the life out of a performance, whether it’s a character actor, painter, musician or dancer is not what anyone wants to see – as humans we want to see humanity – showing your humanity makes us feel we know you – especially in a lawyer!!!

Can Targeted Marketing Help Repair the Plaintiff’s Lawyers Reputations that have been “Soiled”?


Plaintiff’s lawyers reputations have been soiled – being edited & made-up to perfection can obscure the message and even do you harm in your marketing efforts. Let’s look deeper at why:

Targeted video marketing is this: Someone puts in a search because they already feel like they’re getting a raw deal: What should I do next? IF your answer is too slick  or too edited – Your videos will not build trust in the viewer

What Happens When Your Staff Sits Down to Watch Your Videos?

So, I send your final videos to your office, and your staff sits down to check out your video. And your secretary says you need to edit out the um ah. Guess what? Your secretary is not your target. He doesn’t urgently need your help and he’s even harming an intentional message we worked hard to create.

It’s not their fault! Even the most savvy marketing agency or videography could make this mistake.

We’ve tested this well over a thousand times – they don’t just want authenticity – they crave it and with targeted video marketing – it works hands down over “perfection” to get you cases. So YES – go with a high production quality but dont worry about the ums and ahhs if you want to move people and get cases

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