What Ad Strategy Works Best For Your Practice Area? What’s Going On In Your Potential Client’s Mind?

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What Ad Strategy works to get you clients in your practice area?

This is about getting you ideal clients. And there’s nothing better in business than helping people who are the ideal clients for you.

Knowing their frame of mind will help you create marketing that signs them up.

[Marketing Jargon Alert] – “Strategy” in our case means putting your very best forward (based on real data).

So here’s a failure story where I assumed the frame of mind of clients. But my strategy wasn’t based on data. I don’t want you to make the same mistake.

When working to get car accident cases for one firm in 2018, we setup a “Facebook Message Ad” campaign (where they message you right away).

We got zero responses for $200 because I assumed they were in an urgent frame of mind. Thankfully that’s not a lot of money for a mistake!

What went wrong?

I’d brought in hundreds of clients for my other law firm with a different practice areas using “Facebook Message Ads” so I was confident.

I assumed since TV worked for years to obtain those kinds of cases, (by saying “call now”), potential clients would message us now.

Remember there are other factors that could have helped contribute to my failure. And this is why data and testing is crucial.

But here’s the point:

We can put your potential client’s frame of mind into 2 categories.
Urgent Clients. They know they need a lawyer, and it’s urgent.
Need more information Clients. These are just beginning to realize they need your help.
In my mind, car accident clients are in an urgent state of mind. But often (because of big insurance industry campaigns), these folks don’t know they need a lawyer.

So our car accident clients need to be educated.

What state of mind are your potential clients in? Maybe both “urgent’ and “need more info”.

The objective is to get clients, so we need to create ads that can scoop them up whichever state of mind they’re in. Testing with a small budget helps you to find out!

Need help? Here are some of the things we’ve taught to law firms:

  • Practice area strategy

  • Social media advertising

  • Television advertising

  • Video production

  • Opinion documentary films

  • Day in the life video production

  • Search engine optimization

  • Website development / Google

  • Content marketing / script writing

  • Cloud case management

  • Streamlining processes

  • Virtual help

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A Few Testimonials

I have worked on a number of projects with Mary. Mary built a stunning website for the San Diego market which she then search optimized.  It was different and original rather than something cheap looking from an iphone. We wanted the ability to film anytime. Mary and her team came to us on site and built a video studio. She taught us about gear, sound, lighting, scripting, presentation and how to present on camera. When her program was completed she left the tools and know-how to produce professional in-house marketing videos for any platform at anytime. Mary is a pro and you will love working with her.

I met Mary Cary when she was speaking at a Conference. She said YouTube was the 2nd biggest search engine in the world. I wasn’t utilizing the second biggest search engine in the world. We filmed hundreds of videos with Mary. She built our website when we had 2 employees, at this point in time, we have over 120 employees! Thank you!

Neil Woods, Woods & Woods - National Veteran Benefit & Personal Injury

Go Media Marketing has top class support, Ned helped me understand how using video matters. Once we grew bigger we had Go Media Marketing do our videos – & blog for us. Mary Cary came to film us in Nebraska and I also came out to film with GoMedia Marketing in Sausalito. I stayed in San Francisco. Thank you! Highly recommended!

Dan Friedman, Friedman Law Office, - Nebraska Personal Injury

I have had GoMedia Marketing film engineering firms all over the United States for us all around the area of STEM Careers. We also have them build our websites and marketing strategies. Mary Cary went with a crew to film Dean Kamen and his young engineers in New Hampshire twice. We’re very happy with their kindness and help.

Cindy, Capstone Technologies - San Francisco

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