Natural Organic Search / Content Marketing

Any online assets we create, whether it’s a video or text based asset, a company name, URL or of course a website, landing page or micro-site is going to be thoroughly researched before we even get started.

Every month we ensure your online assets are getting visitors and engagement. We do all this and more:

  • Blogging
  • Landing Pages/Tracking Numbers
  • Social Media Engagement
  • YouTube Engagement
  • Video Optimization for Natural Search
  • Google/Youtube Analytic Tracking
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Why Choose Us

forbes-logoAccording to Forbes Magazine: “Less focus on mass marketing, more on targeted marketing”We all know the Internet has serious scale, and you can buy impressions in just about any amount, but agencies like Go Media Marketing have been thinking about the difference between mass marketing and target marketing strategies for years. Meaning we research how to reach the target (your client) with the message they want to hear.Forbes went on to say “We see and recognize that the likelihood of conversion from a mass market distribution strategy is remote. As brands shift their focus to moving shoppers through a purchase journey where they have a closer relationship with the viewer, they’ll realize guiding customers towards a distribution strategy that is more targeted and more personalized will more likely lead to conversions.”

What Client’s Say

I met Mary Cary at a conference where she was speaking. She talked about YouTube being the second biggest search engine in the world. And I realized my law firm was not utilizing the second biggest search engine in the world. Mary’s firm built our website, created our video marketing, and helped us grow from 2 employees to over 120 in 3 years. Highly recommended!
Neil Woods, The Veterans Firm, Indiana
Mary and her team at Go Media Marketing completely branded and even renamed our company. They built the website, created our logo and created the explainer video for our new world wide wire transfer company. They were extremely smart on their feet and worked fast as we had investors waiting. We came off looking amazing thanks to Go Media Marketing (and we got our funding)
Charlie Loukes, BixPayFx, San Francisco
Let me say something. Mary helped us build incredible marketing strategies for our company. We’ve grown tremendously since then and are very happy with our website & videos that Go Media Marketing created for us. Thank you!!!