VIDEO TWO: Tracking Facebook Paid Video Ads

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    Watch Entire Course: New Clients with Facebook Paid Video Ads

    1) VIDEO ONE: Production Overview Make Sure You’re Doing it Right

    Legal Marketing can be tricky! In this video series we’re learning a whole new way to reach new potential clients through Facebook Paid Video Ads. This video is an overview about video production.


    2) VIDEO TWO: Tracking Facebook Paid Ads

    This video is video 2 in a series about Legal Marketing with Paid Facebook Video Ads. Tracking your results is crucial so that you can know it’s working. This video is a tutorial that sets up your tracking.


    3) VIDEO THREE: Setting Up Facebook Paid Video Ads (Before, During and After Results)

    This video is a long one! We setup your campaign and help you to miss the pitfalls we fall into along the way. We use a tiny budget and show you how we get our leads from the campaign.


    Who Are We? Go Media Marketing in Sausalito, California. (800) 711-4662

    mary cary headshotMy name is Mary Cary and my company is Go Media Marketing in Sausalito, California. And if your a lawyer, we likely met at a legal marketing conference in some exotic location!

    I’m a public speaker. I teach marketing, to law firms globally, build in-house video studios, teach search optimization, marketing automation, tv advertising, email campaigns, article writing and more.

    I love marketing, and really enjoy sharing what we’re learning in real-time. I’ve spoken from Vancouver to New Orleans and even in Shanghai at the Technology International Chinese Business Lawyers Marketing & Technology Summit sharing these ideas with my law firm friends.

    I’ve researched scripted and filmed over 1,900 law firm videos in many practice areas. I thought all this up when I had a record label in the early 2000s when I was thinking about how to market bands. Then studied with Wharton to fill in anything I hadn’t learned in the field about marketing, PR and production!

    While I will travel to you, most of our law firms want to come film here in Sausalito, California (it’s beautiful). We have our own studio and run all your websites and marketing campaigns right from here. Our Go Media Marketing team really loves supporting you in what you do for our justice system and our world. (Thank you)

    If you decide you need help, we hope you call on us first, we love working with our law firm friends. (800) 711-4662