3 ways to get clients (yourself) using online videos (Yes, I’m being silly but this is good information so get started on it now)

0First thing you need to understand beyond a shadow of a doubt is that video production is not video marketing.

Most video producers do not have a marketing agency (or a marketing degree).

Relying on a video production studio (or a wedding videographer) to create your marketing content may not be the best plan without some forethought.

STEP 1: Content Development

During production there are a list of things to think about that concern your marketing efforts going forward.

Here’s my short list:

1. Research Keywords first and create content based on what real people want to see.

2. Order your ideas correctly:

a. Tell what the video is about
b. Use Empathy
c. Tell a Story
d. Give them real industry specific help
e. Tell them what to do to get in touch with you

3. Use the right tone; online is an authentic message, and TV is more in your face!

4. Upload the files using the keywords in file structure, tags, headlines, and descriptions.

STEP 2: Regularly Post Videos

Your website is only one “tiny” place to find a video.

Are you using social media, blogging, youtube? There are uncountable places to upload and promote a video.

Here is some things you can do:

1. Create a beautiful youtube channel so the videos can be tracked (and easily shared).

2. Instruct anyone working on your behalf to use the videos on every single posting made about your company.

3. Using the videos on your website is a no-brainer

4. Email the videos to everyone and anyone that can help spread the word. Emails with video are 300% more likely to get a response.


Here’s a tip: Play it safe by making sure your videos are “embedded on your website” and hosted at a reliable hosting site like YouTube or Vimeo.

Self hosted videos dont get found anywhere else but on your website, often are not mobile ready and sometimes don’t load correctly on various browsers.

STEP 3: Don’t Be Cheap!

Along with having your videos posted regularly on social media, start a regular paid video marketing campaign on facebook & youtube.

Remember to Track your analytics.

Whether we do it, or you do it yourself, don’t produce videos and then just leave them on a shelf in your YouTube channel. It’s takes a lot of time, talent and effort to create those videos in hopes that they’ll reach people that need your help. So listen up: Market your videos!!!! Get CLIENTS!!!

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