Today I’m sharing with you my Top 3 favorite Video Marketing Ideas for Law Firms 2015 and a look into the future of video marketing: (Thanks for leaving a comment below – but if you’re going to tell me I said “Spacebook” at 2:19… you’re probably right!)

oopsDid you Forget to Market Your Videos? Uhhh

Did you film a bunch of videos and forget all about marketing them? That’s ok this is totally normal but it probably won’t get you cases…

THE ROCK & ROLL STORY (We Empathize!)

rockIn the music business when we were new, we’d toil over song writing, creating write amazing songs, put together the band rent a rehearsal studio and begin rehearsing, we’d then book the expensive recording studio and record all the songs with great precision – but not many heard those songs because because we had little understanding of marketing.

We had a lot of amazing music that not many heard. And you probably have a lot of videos that no one is watching – it’s frustrating I know – because you did all that work – but missing the marketing is missing the point completely!

“My Videos Are On My Website – Isn’t That Enough?”

website-design-gold-coast3Your website is not the only place people should be finding your videos. Why?

Because that means people won’t see your videos until they find your website first.

Get your videos seen in many more places! Read on….


What if your videos were a portal into your website from many other avenues?

Natural Search – Get Started Now

1. Natural Search / Content Marketing
Let’s first talk about natural free organic search results for video:

Free organic natural search actually gets the best results but whether you want to do it, or hire a firm to do it for you, it’s extremely thoughtful and time consuming.

When you are going for natural results only, it’s called content marketing and the more great content you can deliver the better and there is no rule that says you can’t repeatedly post your video in as many locations as possible in fact you have to in order to get results. Posting your videos once somewhere and forgetting them will not get much in way of results.


youtubePaid Advertising Works Too!
YouTube Ads

Youtube ads are amazing because you don’t have to pay for them if they don’t interact, you can target them very specifically for location and keywords along with age, gender etc.

YouTube also has some good metrics so you see all the data coming in to monitor your viewer’s behavior.


Facebook Ads

facebook_likeFacebook ads are a lot like youtube but they deliver your videos in the feeds of people who you may deem interested. You can filter them by their job titles, industry, age, geography and more.

Facebook viewers are hungry for video content and videos get more attention than text ads but it’s still tricky to know exactly how to use it. If I were a law firm wanting transvaginal mesh cases, I’d probably create a very simple video talking about the problem and have it show up in their feeds.

Is TV Dead?


If you still rely in TV for your advertising and it’s dropping off, it’s no wonder, According to Forbes Magazine, agencies will start really thinking through the difference in value between a mass market and a target market strategy in 2015. And that’s all we’ve ever done is target marketing.

What’s New with Online Video?

Player_iconWhat’s new in video? Interactive Video!
Finally interactive video is the next cool thing! You can decide in a movie what the character will be doing next! This kind of video could also be great for tutorial videos like this one so you can jump ahead to see the parts that interest you. I’m not sure how we’ll use it for our attorney marketing efforts, but you can bet we’ll find a way!

Hope this has been helpful and I’ll see you in the next video!

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