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Hello Association of Latino Marin Attorneys – ALMA!

Building a law practice from the ground up takes a whole lot of creativity, strategy, understanding data – not to mention the fact that you also have to be able to practice law. In this video I’m going to give you a couple of tips for growing your law firm and invite you to join my law firm tip list that shares tips to streamline and grow your practice.


Hi I’m Mary Cary and I am the ALMA webmaster located right here in Sausalito California. I was lucky enough to connect with your president Anna Pletcher, when she saw my work with Marin Women’s Commission and Marin Teen girls.

But what Anna didn’t know then, is that I have had a legal marketing agency for around 15 years, I teach legal marketing to law firms, I’ve built video studios in law firms from Louisiana to Pennsylvania, Lincoln Nebraska to Memphis Tennessee, and San Diego to Alameda. I’ve filmed thousands of online videos and TV spots and built thousands of campaigns to help law firms grow.

Legal Marketing & Management Experts

I teach video production, search engine optimization, website development and content marketing of all kinds to lawyers. This is my niche… I work with lawyers just like you who want to grow your practice.

Here is a Tip Not in the Video (if you’re a reader!)

Most lawyers are big readers because you often deal with language all day long! So what tip can you walk away with today? Some lawyers are uncomfortable marketing, after all it wasn’t even that long ago that it was actually illegal! And some law firms don’t mind being the face of the marketing efforts. Some are sharks, some are gently empathetic educational law firms. But whatever your brand or approach, most lawyers love to get a great referral from another law firm.

So today I’m going to share that Writing a letter to a law firm with a different practice area focus can make an amazing impact. It’s something they can hold in their hand and ponder. You can automate the process once you gather their addresses, by using a direct mail service like Rocket print and mail.

Send your letters twice a month writing in your own genuine voice. Empathize with them about practicing law. Tell them how you’d handle their client’s case, and if you’d allow them to be a part of the process. Also send them to a page on your website that explains how you handle Referral cases from other law firms. Many lawyers I’ve met in my hundreds of speaking engagements, worry about having to chase someone for the referral fees so spelling that out and walking them through makes a better return on this investment for you.

Also, depending on where you’re licensed, different states have different rules about how involved that firm should be once you take over that case. Each bar assn across the USA is slightly different, so Check with the Bar Assn. so you know what the rules are.

Final Thoughts

My company GoMedia Marketing is based here in Sausalito, California. We are always available to hear what you’re thinking about marketing, and you can call my cell phone anytime. We don’t have a hard-sell and truly love giving you real helpful advice. Of course we hope you’ll want us to handle everything for you, but everyone is in their own unique place on their professional journey.

Again I’m very thankful to Anna Pletcher for finding me, she’s been a wonderful person to work with on this project, and it’s an honor to continue helping to keep the ALMA website safe and secure – this is my pro-bono work and ALMA is a great cause.

So here’s my offer to you today. I have committed to filming and delivering a law firm tip worthy of helping you truly grow your practice every week this year! We have 27 videos in the can now and 33 more to film. These tips are all based on my real clients and what we do to help them get cases. But you are not on my list right now you won’t be getting these tips unless you sign up. They’re very short videos that come thru an email. Anna has been kind enough to forward this to you today. But you’ll need to put your own email address onto our list on our website at if you want more inspiration to grow your practice.

These tip videos are a lot of work and I’m not sure if we’ll be doing it next year, but in 2020 we’re fully committed – and these ideas should carry any law firm through for many years to come.

Again, you can sign up for these short video 60 tips right here on my website at and get them delivered directly to your email through my Mailchimp account… when you join, please double check to see that they don’t go to SPAM or another folder – then they should start coming to your inbox on Mondays. You can always unsubscribe if you don’t find them useful, and we never use your email for anything other than trying to help you grow your law firm!

Okee that’s it for now… Please reach out to me by email or on my cell phone if you have ideas or questions, we’re real people who love legal marketing located in beautiful Sausalito California – and I do hope I’ll see some of our ALMA friends join my email list after watching this video.

I know your time is valuable so thank you for watching – And I’ll see you in the next video!

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