In-house case management got you stuck in the office?

How can case management go wrong for law firms?

For one thing, you may have hired people who know an old system that was very hard to learn. They consider it a “skill set” and have been hired just for knowing the old software.

I’m sorry to tell you (and them), that the old software will not look the same once the company moves it online. You will need modern cloud based case management to really run your practice well. The good news is that online case management should be MUCH easier if you go with the right company.

How can cloud case management software help my firm?

Cloud case management means your marketing can know in real-time when you’ve signed a new client! This saves you tremendous time and money. First it saves time in communication with the people doing your marketing. We may have hired you people to message on facebook, or intake for you, and they will know right away what the status of a potential client.

How long should it take to learn case management in the cloud?

Modern cloud case management should not take your firm more than a few hours to learn. If a case management firm wants to come to you and spend long days teaching you their system, that’s a bad sign!

What is a good way to get started?

We love our clients. If you need help we always love giving you a free 1/2 hour phone consultation to hear all about helping you choose case management. We have been developing a case management software for law firms and know a whole lot about it. Reach out anytime! We love legal.


Between $65 per user and $200 (Prices Vary)

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