Law firm Branding – How to be your best!

How can branding go wrong for law firms?

Most law firms we work with are smaller to medium, and we work with a few larger firms too!

Why does that matter? Well, when these firms started out they didn’t really understand what brand means and why it matters. Even the biggest firms we’ve worked with (and are our continued friends and clients) have made terrible brand mistakes without knowing it!

Your brand is everything from the colors and fonts you use and your logo, to the tone of your message. Even the smartest firms have blown it when they hired someone to design a billboard or video and it looks nothing like the rest of their assets, and may even carry a whole new messaging that is inconsistent with their websites, former videos, former billboards or even the look in their office when clients come to see them.

How can branding become consistent and work well?

Your brand can get updated! But from year to year, you want every asset you produce to look like you! Think about Apple. Once Apple settled on the logo, it’s remained consistent even while they brought in new colors occasionally.

But your brand is more than your logo or colors. Your brand is also the fonts and even line spacing on your outward facing materials. Your brand is also the tone behind all outward facing content. Apple, for instance, is always simple and modern.

What is a good way to keep your brand consistent?

Like the big companies, your best way to keep your brand consistent is by creating what we call a “Brand Bible” (we get that from television), but Apple has one called “Apple Identity Guidelines For Channel Affiliates andApple-Certified Individuals” This document is extensive.

When we create you a Brand Bible, we include the tone of your materials, if you’re aggressive, or educational, soft spoken or urgent… sometimes you’re both! We include all fonts, spacing, the logo, color codes and even let people know if there is “shine” on your buttons, or “shadows” used on outward facing materials. With video music links are included for transitions so that instrumentation can be matched too.

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