Why does a law firm marketing strategy matter?

Why do law firms need a marketing strategy?

Without a strategy for marketing you’re really just guessing. You might think you want to do a fun video that shows you driving your new car, the one you got from your last big settlement. You might think it would be fun to be silly in your next TV commercial or video. But how does this get you more cases? These ideas (off the cuff) may get you cases – you never know until you do some research and develop a strategy that will give you some solid ideas about how these ideas will fair.

But without any research, or a strategy, you’d be paying tens of thousands of dollars to create a TV spot and then have it air in order to see if there’s any more business. Often (between you and me) these can work, but usually if the firm has been creating a brand and identity in the public eye for a long time, or expect to pour lots of effort to continue in this direction. This kind of thing often won’t work as a “quick splash”.

How can I strategize my marketing?

Starting with a little keyword research to see how many people are searching for you is the first place I always start. Then doing small scale ad campaigns that are highly targeted as well as to the general public in your town – and then analyzing the data is crucial for spending the least amount and then getting the most bang for your buck!

Once you truly analyze all the data even on small campaigns, you begin to see patterns arise that help you understand how your potential clients react to your marketing online. And only then can you proceed with real conviction that your marketing will work!

Test everything!

Be sure you test headlines, your media, your platform, demographics, geography and message!

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