Virtual help is our favorite way to scale up!

How can virtual help go wrong for law firms?

In most cases virtual help can not go wrong for a law firm. You can now get attorneys from your State, legal secretaries, receptionists, marketing (like us!!!), personal assistants and more to work for you from anywhere!! We love it.

How can virtual work well for your firm?

Hiring virtual help makes scaling up your firm easy. The people you hire can be hired “by the job”. This is so that if you win a case – and need some down time, you only work with them as needed. Here at GoMedia Marketing (my business) we use virtual video editors who I’ve had with me for years and never seen in person as well as virtual intake and reception.

We all have a wonderful relationship and good sense of humor that goes with our work! Everyone feels close has stayed with us for years (some up to 10 years now) but they’re not in our studio here in Sausalito. In fact, you can say my own company GoMedia Marketing is virtual for our law firms who need marketing. Most of us have met in person, but we are not “on campus” in your office noshing on smelly food in the lunch room! (LOL) Back to the point… you:

Why is virtual help for law firms a good idea?

One of my favorite reasons to grow a practice with virtual help is that in almost every case, you end up with them as a part of your team forever! They get to work from anywhere. You offer them the work. They can then decide if it’s the right job for them. The money goes into an escrow account, and released when the work is done correctly.

We also have on-going work that goes for years by creating weekly or bi-weekly escrow accounts with the money ready to be released as each phase is completed.

We love our clients. If you need help we always love giving you a free 1/2 hour phone consultation to hear all about what cases you need/want, or virtual help you want or need most. Reach out anytime! We love legal marketing.


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