What is a Brand Bible for a Law Firm?

Would you allow just anyone to dress you up in just anything and send you out onto a world stage to share your business? Of course not! Imagine being dressed like a punk and going on stage to share a compassionate speech about medical malpractice? Not instructing people about what your brand is portraying is taking the same chance.

A brand bible is something big companies use and television shows have them, pretty much anyone who cares about their brand, or the look, feel and tone of their company needs to have one.

Here I’ve googled Apple’s brand guidelines and found something they share with affiliates.

We got the idea for using brand bibles from TV shows and movies because of our work in video production. We also use brand bibles to get creative ideas and even a tone of a video production.

What goes into a Brand Bible for a Law Firm?

A brand bible should have fonts, color codes, font sizes, messaging, your logo, how icons will look, for your free social media page, share the tone you want and how often too!

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