Law Firm Blogging: How to Blog for Law Firms

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Publishing on the Website

There’s a lot to know about blogging! Let’s look at a couple of law firm blogging myths around publishing articles.

Law Firm Blogging Myths

  • Some firms think that writing in a Word Document is easier. While lots of firms use Microsoft Word, logging into their WordPress website and writing there saves (by my estimation) 1 hour on every blog article. It’s easy to learn and if you get all this under your belt you can usually do a pretty nice article in about 40 minutes. If it’s delivered to you in a Word Doc you need to add all the formatting in WordPress, you can’t just copy and paste it. An example is that hard returns don’t show up in the right places.
  • Some firms think they don’t need keywords or marketing copy. Each writer has their own style, whether they write the article first and then look at how to add the appropriate keywords, or put in the keywords and then find a way to write the article, but either way without keywords it’s not likely anyone will find it online in organic searches or read it.

What Skills Do You Need for Blogging on the Website?

If you can open a Microsoft program, and you know how to get on a browser like Google Chrome, you should have an easy time learning to blog on your WordPress website. It’s very user friendly and intuitive.


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Great job!!! Thanks for making it through this series which is an overview of blogging with SEO for law firms. Don’t forget to check your search results to see if your articles are ranking on Google.

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