Law Firm Blogging: How to Blog for Law Firms


Brand and Bar Assn.

This page is all about Law Firm Blogging – this video is “Understanding the Law Firm’s Brand” which includes a focus on the State Bar Association Rules for Marketing & Advertising. What are some myths?

Law Firm Brand Myth

  • Some firms think their first message should be about their brand. While having a brand is important and showing a personality or culture of the firm is also important, educating potential clients myst come first. What people mostly respond to, is educational content first and the “personality” or “culture” of the firm second.

What Skills Do You Need to Understand Branding & Bar Association Rules?

BRAND: This is one of the trickier areas of blogging. While some law firms are “bulldogs or sharks” others are non confrontational and have a softer message. This is partly why we work within the bounds of educational marketing. If you are delivering an educational message to potential clients who read your articles, you mostly can’t go wrong.

BAR ASSOCIATION RULES FOR MARKETING & ADVERTISING: You need to understand how to write simple direct headlines that get noticed by potential clients and short articles that illicit action on the part of the reader. You also need to read and know the Bar Association Rules for Marketing and advertising which are likely written by a lawyer in dense legalize. Make sure if you don’t understand these rules, that you get your law firm to interpret it for you.

American Bar Association is a voice for the legal community in the United States. Here are some articles about Marketing & Advertising. Long ago lawyers were not allowed to market or advertise, and in most cases (if not all) the potential client must reach out first. The lawyers cannot “solicit” clients. So there has always been a delicate line.


VIDEO FOUR of FIVE (10:19):

Marketing Copy Overview

Law Firm Blogging also means writing marketing copy. Marketing copywriting can be very tricky. Even with a Law or English degree, you still may have trouble writing marketing copy.

Law Firm Blogging Marketing Copy Myth

  • Some firms think they should write about the law. Writing about the law isn’t generally interesting to someone who needs your services. They might be needing Veteran Benefits, Social Security, or help against their insurance company or a hospital.

The laws that pertain to their case are important, but what they really need is a little empathy, and to be nudged off the fence to call you. Reciting laws doesn’t usually inspire action for those who need your help. Tell a success story that may pertain to them.

What Skills Do You Need for Law Firm Copywriting?

Someone great at law firm copy writing isn’t usually a lawyer. The lawyer has a harder time (usually) writing this kind of copy because it’s very simple, almost never definitive (since you can’t recite laws) and the reader needs to read the whole article before getting the full answer to their questions. They need to get to the end and feel the need to call for the full answer.