Law Firm Blogging: How to Blog for Law Firms

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This series is all about Law Firm Blogging. In this overview I hope to give you an idea why your law firm should blog. Let’s look at some Law Firm Blogging myths!

Law Firm Blogging Myths

  • Some firms think that no one will read the articles. That could NOT be further from the truth if you take the time to do this correctly. Each article is meant to rank for a specific key phrase. Hopefully you’ll have articles ranking all over the internet all from your one website.
  • Some firms think blogging is only to get the whole site to rank better. Yes, your site will rank better with regular content provide, especially when people take the time to read the articles. A better way to think of this as you get started, is that your single article could help someone who is in serious trouble needing your law firm’s help.

What Skills Do You Need for Law Firm Blogging?

The kind of person who will do a good job at Law Firm Blogging is someone who is detail oriented and enjoys writing simple easy to read marketing copy that will move a potential emotionally and get them to contact the firm.

Why? The reason you’d want to be focussed on details is because there is a lot that goes into writing an article that will not only read well, but also get picked up by the search engines. So writing well and understanding how to add keywords is crucial.

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Keyword Research

Law Firm Blogging is writing but also means researching and adding keywords. While I’m giving you an overview of keyword research, this section will help you, but is also you can always go deeper than what I’ve provided you in this video series. What are some keyword myths?

Law Firm Blogging Keyword Myth

  • Some firms think they can make up keywords. Do not make up keywords! You want real researched keywords. You won’t know what the right keywords are until you research, understand the numbers and competition, then strategize what kinds of cases you really want most.

What Skills Do You Need for Keyword Research when Law Firm Blogging?

The kind of person who will do a good job at Law Firm Blogging is someone who is curious. You’d want to put in your own keyword searches on Google and look at what words are ranking, you’d look at top performing websites of competition, and then look carefully at your keyword tool to find possibilities for ranking for valuable keywords (in organic search) with high numbers of people searching and low competition for the home page.

I like using Bing Keyword Planner but there’s a new (since they shut down their last one) keyword tool at Google you may want to try:

Great article that explains a bit about the keyword planner changes (which is why I use Bing right now)