How Does Your Law Firm Get More Referral Cases?

Getting referrals from other law firms is often the first place law firms go when they’re building a practice. They’re not usually sure about how to start marketing and this works really well in most cases. I’m talking about “snail mail” and email automation to get rolling!

Today I’m talking about referrals from other lawyers. With all my years of getting law firms cases, we’ve noticed that old fashioned “snail mail” is one of the best ways to get referral cases.

Two ways to get referral cases

Old fashioned postal mail is time consuming but certainly stands out. One way to help you automate the process would be to hire a company that will regularly send emails that you write. Which means that email is actually much less expensive when using a CRM (client relationship management software). We like recommending mailchimp for email automation because it’s free as long as your numbers are not too big!

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