Law firm marketing: getting cases inexpensively with video is still possible but it takes planning.

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Law Firm Marketing is getting diversified!

It used to be you could just put up a TV ad and watch the phone ring! But times are changing and law firms have a lot different ways to meet new clients.

Today I’m sharing a story of California injury lawyer in Orange County who wanted to reach his practice to San Diego with video. But first another Tuesday Tweet: This is from Van Valer Law firm @VanValerLaw “ We are being sued by the big bad wolf!!! Apparently he injured himself on our property while trying to blow our house down.”

West Seegmiller wanted to avoid TV completely. And in some ways he’s lucky that he did, because he began trying new law firm marketing ways to get clients long ago. This was an advantage because it takes longer to get clients when you use content marketing to reach new people.

Law Firm Marketing: Using Video to Reach New Geographic Areas

Had you thought about extending your reach further into new counties or other parts of your state without a big budget, but weren’t sure of the best way to do so? Some of my happiest clients are utilizing content marketing with video in order to get clients coming through the door on a regular basis. This takes a lot of time, talent and hard work and it begins to pay off often a year after you begin. So don’t give up too soon!
I built a nice studio in The Seegmiller firm’s back office. And we filmed 20 FAQ videos all geared toward San Diego. When you work very hard in the beginning to ensure the scripts are right, the look and feel, production and sound are consistent, and you have a solid marketing strategy in place, you can achieve your goals. This is West at the top of a San Diego Injury Lawyer search, he’s been there for over 2 years and he’s not paying a dime for that result!

Learn about how this lawyer got to work in his favorite practice area by utilizing online video:


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