Video Marketing: Dan gets cases with same video on top of 2 amazing search results. But how?

Video Marketing Your Favorite Practice Areas

Today I’m talking about focussing your practice on a niche area of the law that matters most to you. I’m sharing a story about Pennsylvania Injury Lawyer Dan Munley.

Video MarketingBut first the Tuesday Tweet from MK Law at law groupmk… “Do you think a lot about death – does estate planning count”??

How Do Law Firms Use Video Marketing to Meet Clients?

Lawyers get all kinds of clients coming to them, but only certain kinds seem to match your skill set or interest level. In this video I’m showing how video has helped Dan Munley of Munley Law.

Dan Uses Video Marketing to Hit Top Searches

Dan at the top of the searches under not only Pennsylvania truck accident lawyer but also under truck accident lawyer without the geographical reference.

Munley Law Uses their In-House Studio for Video Marketing and Production

Back in the day (this was actually filmed the first time about 3 years ago) when I built a small studio in their back office, we realized that Dan was already heavily focussed on Trucking cases. This was his niche.

Seeing Dan’s Demeanor Meant Taking him Off the Teleprompter

But we wanted to enhance it as much as we could. Even though we had written scripts, as soon as I saw dan behind my camera, I knew he had a lot more to tell us about trucking cases, than we could have ever written for him. When this happens I take a lawyer off script and ask questions which works really well.

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