In this video I’m talking about Law Firm SEO with attorney Seth Price of Price Benowitz in Washington DC. Seth knows a lot about getting top search results.

Law Firm SEO: What are the tricks? Is there “fairy dust” that gets you to the top of Google?

In this interview Seth Price shares his real thoughts on Law Firm SEO and how to get top results now in 2016. He says it’s all about “effort in effort out!”

How to Know if your Law Firm SEO is Getting Clients

The top 3 results are most likely to get clients for your firm. But how can you tell if that’s how your website is positioned?

One of the most competitive places to be is the top of a related search for a law firm in your market. To see how you’re doing put in a search with these keywords:

  1. Your Market
  2. General Practice Area
  3.  the word Lawyer or Attorney.

In today’s video I’m interviewing Washington D.C. lawyer Seth Price of Price Benowitz about his thoughts on law firm marketing, and search optimization.

How Video can Get a Second Bite of the Law firm SEO Apple

Video search is important! If you haven’t heard it enough from me here’s Seth telling you how valuable that can be for your law firm.

Who runs your website? Leave a comment below!

  • Findlaw
  • Scorpion
  • ConsultWebs

I hope this video will give you some great ideas. And if you wonder about getting some help with your website, you’ll let me introduce you to Seth (or tell him you saw our video interview)

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