How to get cases with video on Instagram

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Instagram is known for it’s beautiful models and social media tycoons, but there are so many ways to utilize this platform that may not have occurred to you as a law firm looking into marketing! Of course you do not have to be a beautiful professional model, in fact, it actually helps if you are authentically yourself!

Law Firm Marketing – Getting Cases with Instagram

With instagram content, you want to make sure that the video fits on the platform correctly, in other words, make the video vertical or square. In terms of content for law firms, frequently asked questions is the best content you can use on this platform. And if you’re wondering how to produce this video, this really depends on your strategy.

What Strategy Works?

We sometimes run TV ads on instagram at the same time they’re airing on local sports (or at other strategic times), so when people tune out on the commercials, they’re still seeing the same ad in their Instagram feeds. Another approach is to make the video very friendly and home-made “looking” (TIP: watch your lighting!).

Carrying out these ideas takes plenty of time, talent and effort. If you need help reach out anytime!

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