Law Firm Video Production:

Law Firm Video Production

Is your law firm’s video production too “over the top” or just right for getting new clients? Today I’m talking about law firm video production.

I’ve talked before about how over doing a law firm video production will not help you get clients. This is because online video for professionals should not appear to be advertising. Online video draws in clients best when it’s educational. They want to learn something from you. So what should your production be like?

What Kind of Law Firm Video Production Works?

Law Firm Video ProductionOf course you want to look crisp and high end, you want your production to be quality but also simple.  Your background should look the same every time as a part of your branding. The colors your wearing should also match your website. Your sound and lighting must be beautiful.

What Should You Do in Post Production?

In the final post production editing process, you want to be sure there isn’t too much music. When using an opener and closer it should be short and to the point. I usually like your closer to have a call to action in your own voice.

Don’t forget Video Marketing if You Want Clients

Remember, without marketing most videos don’t get you clients! People need to see your videos for them to reach more people. So share your videos often – and please share this video if there’s someone you know who needs help with their video marketing.

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