Law Firm Engagement

Why are comments important for getting clients online? I’m talking about on your blog articles, on your Linkedin Posts, on your Facebook feed, and especially on your YouTube videos.

Ok, it’s hard to get someone to actually leave a comment on a blog here are a couple of ways to start. First know your audience and what they’ll find engaging. Here are three ways to get your audience engaged:

3 Ways to Get People Engaged

Get them emotional over something
Ask a question
Create an article that needs more input and ask them to help

To help get engagement on a YouTube video, you can put a poll right in the video – right up here where viewers can answer questions. You can only see this poll if you’re on a desktop – most of my viewers are on a desktop – on a mobile device you won’t see the poll. If you want to see what your polsters are saying, check in the Analytic section on YouTube for that video.

So why does it help your company grow and get more clients if people are engaged?

Why are comments important for revenueIf your blog article gets comments, your whole website gets better search results, in “related searches” usually related to that article, In other words, if you write about international business law, and people start asking questions in the comment section, that article will be around a long time reaching new potential clients. It’s the same thing with videos, facebook, tweats, anything you post will be easier to find if people engage. You can’t buy engagement either – it has to be real.

How Engagement Grew My Company

Here’s a story, I built an entire company around one blog article that resulted in my traveling the world as a public speaker – growing a legal marketing firm – meeting amazing people from China to Vancouver to Ecuador and all over the US – it changed my life. They didn’t find the home page of my website, they found a series of articles I had written in my own blog.

Who is Watching these Videos and Reading this Blog?

Statistically company decision makers will read a series of articles before they decide. But it can take many months or even years according to Vocalpoint, an online focus group testing site that uses engagement to test ideas and products.

Why Leave a Comment Here? Who watch these videos? My videos are watched by hundreds of decision makers, 90% of my group are law firms, the other 10% is tech related, retail, wholesale, IT, engineering, and other service related companies who are interested in marketing tips. Do you have something to say to this group – or to me? Leave a comment or if you’re on a desktop, fill out the poll right here on this video.

Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video…