Is Salesforce for Law firms? In the last video I talked about Content Marketing and how important lots of videos and lots of articles not only makes you an expert in your field but brings in clients basically for free for years to come. This video is about how Salesforce can help you automate this process.

How can you find the time for all that content marketing when you’re a small or medium law firm?

Salesforce is a customer relationship software CRM that automates processes like content marketing. In this video I’m sharing you a rundown about how it can work as a marketing tool for your law firm or other company.

Besides showing you how to use Salesforce to grow your law practice, I’m also asking you to “chime in” and help my loyal group of law firms who follow this video blog!

It’s been a while since I was a corporate litigation secretary in Century City, so I’d like to hear if any of you have used Salesforce to automate the process of calendaring and tracking cases with Salesforce. With my background, I can see how it might be very useful!


You can comment, email or call me. If you’re game, I can feature you in an upcoming video blog via Skype. Ok… let’s get started now with Salesforce for law firms as a marketing tool…

Is Salesforce for Law Firms?Salesforce for Law Firms: As a Marketing Tool (Any Practice Area)

Salesforce is a powerful online software used for many things besides straight up email marketing. But, In this video I’m going to talk about how you can use Salesforce to get new clients, stay in touch with happy former clients whose cases have closed, and track everything with email.

How to setup and use Salesforce for your Law Firm

The way salesforce works well for law firms is 2 ways. Let’s look at the first, this  is where someone inquires by filling out an online form. Their information goes into Salesforce and you get a record that they contacted you.

At that point they get a series of emails that you’ve written that speak directly to them.

How an Injury Law Firm can use Salesforce

Here’s an example, if they were injured and needed some questions answered, you can follow up in succession saying – it’s been 4 days since you reached out to us be sure you’re documenting your injuries, everything you remember and your emotional state of being. Give them helpful tips like getting a doctor involved will help your case.  

How an International Corporate Law Firm can Use Salesforce

Or, say you have an entirely different kind of practice, you’re a corporate law firm with international clients looking to set up a company in Ecuador? Same thing but your emails would give another kind of tip about setting up their company and the advantages Ecuador offers to businesses coming into that country. Giving helpful tips and advice is always a great way to develop trust with your potential clients.

Do not forget, that emails with video links are 300% more likely to convert them to a client.

Using Salesforce with Present or Past Clients

Next you can upload a list of your existing or past clients in order to stay in touch with them. Salesforce is amazing because you can also schedule follow up calls and more.

Need Answer: Can You Use Salesforce for Calendaring Your Cases? Call for Help!

I’m completely on the marketing side, but as a former litigation secretary for a corporate litigation law firm in Century city los angeles, I’d like to hear if any of you have used Salesforce to automate, calendaring and tracking your cases. Please leave a comment or reach out to me via email.

It would be a great help to share your experiences with this group of over 800 law firms following this blog worldwide. Maybe we can even Skype about it for an upcoming video blog (make some new friends on my blog) ….

Anyway, I’m in the process myself and apparently Salesforce has a new look & feel called “Lightning” and it’s very easy and intuitive for me…. In fact I’m enjoying setting it up! I’ll get back to that now! Thanks for watching!

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