Can one law firm video increase revenue?

Today I’m sharing why one law firm video rarely makes any impact on your revenue. I’m also sharing why more video gets more clients and how to save money while producing lots of video.

In an earlier video blog, I outlined how online video is the least expensive way to get clients other than word of mouth if it’s done right.

And when produced correctly, law firm video often pays for itself time and time again for years and years and years after you produce it.

There are 3 components that go into law firm video getting clients

  • Research – which is comprised of case research and SEO,
  • production which includes scripting, the way your video sounds, looks and feels, and
  • marketing which includes:
    • Earned media – where people are organically coming to you
    • Paid media – anything you’re doing where you’re paying for it
    • Owned media – which is usually your website

Today I’m going to focus on law firm video marketing through “Earned Media”

First let’s look at the mistakes most law firms and other companies make with their videos: The video will only showing on Owned Media which is your website. Having one video that is self hosted on your website normally has very little impact on revenue. Here’s why:

Why Placing Video On Your Website Does Almost Nothing

Placing a video on the home page may help the visitor decide to choose your firm, it may even keep the visitor hanging out on your site a little longer which helps SEO slightly, but the problem is that the video is relying on someone finding your website in order to see your video. It’s a complete waste of that asset which can show on your site and be found off site.

Tracking the analytics on your website won’t show you much other than that the person stayed on that page longer but it won’t show you if they responded to that video, or they just liked your page.

Can one video increase revenue?Law Firm Videos that Appear in “Earned Media” Get More Clients

Videos that appear in Earned Media – (where people are organically)  is less expensive, and carries more credibility to the viewer (and often drives them to your website).

Each video, when found in organic search, usually only reaches a small number of very targeted and interested people. The impact, or response rate, (getting the person to react or contact you), is high.

In other words a high rate of people will respond and become clients because they searched for you, watched your video and resonated with your content..

How Does More Video Get More Clients?

So if your one video only reaches a few people (once it hits the top of a related searches), how will you get a lot of clients? In order to reach lots of people and have lots of people reacting, you need lots of video with each optimized to hit a new search result.

How to Save Money by Filming a Lot of Videos

Filming as many videos you can in one day will save you money and allow you to actually see an impact from your time, money and efforts.

One video rarely makes any difference in revenue for any law firm. But you’ll want to ensure those videos are reaching the people who are searching. Doing all the research, renting the studio and filming them all with the same look and feel will save you time and money. Those videos will be working for you for years to come.

Other ways to promote a video

Now remember today I’m not talking about “paid media”. There are amazing ways to reach clients with paid media that are fully trackable and have a great return on your investment with YouTube, Facebook and more.
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