Is Your Law Firm Going for Clients with Video?

I’m speaking (to my law firm friends) about law firm video marketing – even your production must have the end in mind. You must be careful not to over produce in the wrong way. Online video has a very different “tone” than straight up advertising.

Do Not Over Produce Your Videos

I love big video productions as much as the next video production firm, and we work on bigger productions all the time! But today I’m going to share why over producing video backfires for law firms if your goal is to meet new clients.

Maybe you’re finally getting your chance to do some great video for your law firm, and you want to go big with storyboarding ideas and scripting each element. But you have to watch out for too much production. It can backfire in a big way, here’s why:

What Law Firm Video Production Gets Clients?

Law Firm Video MarketingStatistically, we’ve seen it time and time again, any video that comes off like advertising will not work online for law firms who want clients. Having fast cuts, lots of professional voice overs and highly produced footage can actually work against you when you’re a law firm. Why is that?

Video marketing for law firms is specialized, there are many strategic elements that go into making your videos successful including a simple production.

If you’re going for “Earned Media,” which is the least expensive form of marketing but takes more work up front, Frequently Asked Question videos will get clients, but they should not resemble advertising. Your potential client needs an answer to a difficult question.

Usually the questions your potential client is asking goes like this: “Do I need a law firm?” Your slick camera work, voice over or music will not enhance this message and will actually turn them away just as quickly as something you produce on your iphone. So what’s the perfect production?

How to Produce Law Firm Video that Draws in New Clients

The trick for law firm video marketing, is making you look and sound professional and high end, without scaring away the viewer by obscuring your good message and expertise. The right production to get clients comes in your demeanor, your order of ideas and your set or background and branding – not production company’s wild production antics.

One of my favorite law firms, who has had a video on the top of some very competitive searches for  years told me “Mary I don’t care what it looks like as long as I get clients….” That video wasn’t expensive, in fact it was very simple but it works.

Production Matters with Law Firm Video Marketing

Hey, believe me, as a video production studio and law firm video marketing agency here in California with media companies like Go Pro starting up right here in this building, we love to work with new technologies like drones, filming scenes over the California cliffs and creating extremely creative footage, and if that’s what you want we can bring it on – but it costs more – and when it comes to helping you get you clients, it’s been proven to obscure your message, and look like too much advertising. This can deter your viewer who could have your best case to date – and we don’t want to do that.

There is a time and place for high end production but FAQ videos which is the most direct way to get clients, is not the place for anything too over the top.

I’ll see you in the next law firm marketing video.