law firm marketing

Law Firm marketing

In this law firm marketing video blog, we’ll learn some reasons why some law firms get free cases on youtube for years. and some law firms don’t.

Law Firm Marketing: How to Get Free Cases

This is about law firm marketing and how to create a strategy with YouTube that will get you clients for years to come

Back in the day, when lawyers were new to YouTube,(in fact they kind of laughed at me thinking it was for kids)…. I uploaded some of my client’s videos to my own YouTube account because I wanted the videos to reach people and get my lawyer friends cases.

Law Firm Marketing is Different than Law Firm Video Production

To be honest, they were paying us so little for the production, that we couldn’t afford to market their videos for them (free) – or help them get cases beyond just creating them a video in video production.

They were “up for” shooting video and post production, but not up for marketing the videos to get cases. I didn’t want to see our efforts go to waste so with their permission I uploaded a video here and there into my own accounts because I had popular well filled out youtube accounts and they did not.

Unfortunately, most law firms don’t know they need to market a video, (even when we tell them) and end up with only a few views.

I love producing popular videos that make a difference.

Top YouTube Search Examples for My Lawyers

So let’s look at a few that I uploaded to my own accounts and see how they’re doing today: You can put in the keywords and see for yourself:

One of the things I love about Dan’s video is he’s got the national spot and the local spot with one video.

How to get Top YouTube Search Results for Your Firm

So what makes these law firm marketing videos perform this way?

  1. Your YouTube  channel should have subscribers, and regular video uploads.
  2. The videos in your channel should have views, comments and thumbs up or down.
  3. Your YouTube Channel should also look branded to your company
  4. Your YouTube Channel should have a great description video welcoming the viewer. This is where you can tell about your firm.
  5. Your YouTube Channel should have consistently well produced videos
  6. In terms of production, also the organization of thoughts must be correct, in other words, people search for answers to questions and we had these guys answering the questions people actually have,. if these were biography videos they would not be getting results.

Don’t think because your kid watches youtube, she’ll know how to produce your videos, and get them high ranking results. Even most (if not all) of the most prominent video companies and legal marketing agencies have no idea.

I like seeing these results. I want your videos to reach the people that need your help. There is no way to game the system.

If you’re interested in getting cases with YouTube videos, we’d love to work together on your law firm marketing.