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Today I’m sharing three ways to prevent hackers from destroying your WordPress website – they’re all free and will take you less than an hour to implement.

Imagine if this happened to you. Yesterday one of my clients in Sacramento CA, who was building a new mass tort website, he got an unsolicited call from a pushy guy from Sitelock, wanting to sell him malware protection. I’m not blaming Sitelock for anything… but at that time his website was fine. And who knows if this guy was really from Sitelock.

pre buzz marketing strategiesWhat if he had an expensive email campaign, pay per click, or TV ad running sending thousands of interested people to his website? Yikes! This is a huge mess. It’s taken us having to recreate his whole website from an old backed up version. Do not let this WordPress disaster happen to you. Expensive marketing campaigns need to go to a stable website.

WordPress Marketing Tip: my top three ways to protect your WordPress website from hackers….

1. change your user name and password. do not have a login name called “admin” or a simple password. “admin” is the first thing they try.
2. Wordfence security is a free plugin – add that right away
3. BackWPup is another free plugin – you can back up your whole website to Dropbox and schedule it to be done regularly with WordPress’s calendar function.

If you don’t have a webmaster get one or become one!

I’ve built over 1k WordPress sites, filmed over 1,800 legal marketing videos and I’m building in-house video studios every day for companies around the globe just like yours.

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