What’s This Guy Ray Lewis “Yelling” About?

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Today, let’s look at what Marketing strategies I’m using to help enhance our work with Ray Lewis, American NFL football player.

I’m going to call this: My “Pre-Buzz” marketing strategy

I actually learned this working on our Original Series which we’re pitching right now! It’s red-hot!

In 2 weeks, here at Go Media Marketing, we’re working with Ray Lewis and you can bet we’ll put in 100%.

So who is Ray Lewis? Mr. Lewis played his entire career with the Baltimore Ravens. Mr. Lewis is considered one of the best middle linebackers of all time.  Read Ray Lewis’s Wikipedia

What are “Pre-Buzz Marketing Strategies”?

marketing strategiesWith an amazing career, even Ray Lewis is ready to look at new marketing strategies to grow his latest business.

We will be shooting video, and still shots with beautiful models at undisclosed locations! And the pre-buzz excitement will be posted… on all relevant social media platforms – to begin growing his new brand’s awareness.

 – It’s like “The Making Of” on steroids! (pun intended)

marketing strategiesHow can you use a pre-buzz to generate company revenue?

  • Use your iphone to film behind the scenes
  • Edit rough images and footage together to tell the story
  • Post in Real-Time
  • Talk about mistakes your making
  • Share what it’s really like to create your media

Create Your Own Street Team with Social Media

This means a street team of your fans sharing in your experience, allowing your fans into the process (pre-buzz) while you’re creating your media!  This increases brand awareness.

marketing strategiesDon’t Wait… “Launch” is Old-Fashioned 

Remember, use social media to create a buzz about everything that’s going on with your company. Start launching right away!

All Press is Good Press

  • What if we blow it?
  • Or It doesn’t work?
  • Or we look kind of dumb?

That’s good too… remember all press is good press! 

TIP: As long as your real media has a high production quality, you’ll be OK!

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