What is Content Marketing?

What is Content Marketing? It’s a great way to get clients for years to come, at a very low cost if done right.

Content Marketing is producing content that gets clients. Here’s how…

There are 2 components go into getting clients with content marketing: share your expertise then search optimize your content. The content is delivered through videos, email, articles and social media.

Content Marketing

1) Content Marketing is Sharing Your Expertise

Content marketing is producing regular content in your business’s core area of expertise. This content is not a place to talk about yourself or your accomplishments. Truly helping people builds trust.

  • Did you know that 80% of decision makers read a series of articles before they decide.

2) Search Optimizing your Content

Your content must be search optimized so new potential clients can find it. I can’t teach you search optimization in this video but be sure you understand it as best you can. 70% more leads come for companies who blog (or write articles) 1 – 2x a month.

What can go wrong with content marketing?

The wrong message won’t work. I’ve seen personal injury law firms blog about cookie recipes or regurgitating accident reports. The way to get cases is to answer the top questions people have about hiring a personal injury law firm.

How do you get started Content Marketing?

The best way is to use a wordpress website. This makes your website into a publishing platform that shows up in search The site is transmitting your content directly from your website to social media and email.

What do you write about?

Your aim is to have such good content that they’ll save it ,refer back to it later, and share with others.

How much content marketing should you create to get results?

As much and often as possible, so in any related search result, they’ll find your valuable content.

Every website we build is set up for content marketing. We include tutorial videos showing you how to do it yourself (we can also do it for you).

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