Lawyers like to focus on cases that give them the most satisfaction. This legal marketing strategy helped Indiana firm grow Veteran Benefit practice.

Legal Marketing Success Story – How to Grow a New Practice Area

Legal MarketingLegal Marketing strategies can vary but this story tells about a wonderful client of mine who grew a Veteran Disability practice that has surpassed their injury law firm.

Had you thought about beginning work in a new practice area but weren’t sure what to do next? Here’s a wonderful story of some of my favorite people and their my clients! When I first met Neil Woods at a conference, I was one of the speakers. I shared the ideas I had about video blogging, social media and search engine optimizing their media.

“Lawyers Will Never Use YouTube or Social Media”

– Prominent Marketing Agency with No Foresight

This was January 2009 and as a former litigation secretary and deep into marketing, I had seen these things work for the rock bands. My favorite quote from that day was “Lawyers will never be on YouTube or Social Media…” that was from a prominent marketing agency. But my early adopters jumped in.

Legal Marketing Strategies using Your Blog & Video

Woods StudioLegal marketing takes years to understand. You need to understand your client’s frame of mind, whether you have an injury firm, veteran firm, corporate firm or sell bubble gum, you need to understand where your potential client stands at the time they’re taking in your content.

When we started with Woods & Woods, we built a blogging website and wrote about 10 articles a month. These articles had been researched for keywords. We then built a forum where Vets could talk to one and other on my friend’s website.

Adding Video Online is like a Golden Ticket

When it started working for Woods & Woods, which took about a year, I then built a studio in their law firm in Indiana. I taught them in house video marketing. They were one of the few law firms that really used their studio regularly. Every month we produced 10 more search optimized videos.

Over the next 2 years we wrote scripts, optimized for keywords and did the post production and SEO on the videos. We produced about 144 Frequently Asked Question videos on a huge range of subjects for the Vets who weren’t getting their benefits.

Don’t be shy to reach out if you have questions or ideas! We’re open. And marketing is changing very quickly. It helps to have someone on your side who understands what it’s like to grow a company!